Contact Lens Shop Review

Where to Order Contacts Online?

The popularity of contacts has grown exponentially, leaving many people wondering where to order contacts online. Due to the wide array of options, it can seem daunting to select the best place to order cheap contacts, whether colored or clear. To make your life easier, we have compared the different shops available so that you don’t have to.

Number one in our comparison is the online contacts shop 1-800 CONTACTS. Their on-time delivery and offer of cheap and quality contacts of all types make them the perfect one-stop solution to order both clear contacts and colored contacts online. Their customer service is excellent making the shopping experience as easy and smooth as can be.

Second in our comparison of the best place to shop for contacts is Lensmart. Like 1-800 CONTACTS, Lensmart offers a good range of products with decent shipping options.

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With over 11 years of impeccable customer service 1-800 CONTACTS has satisfied over 5 million customers. This is no mean feat for an online retailer of contact lens and these impressive numbers show that they are very capable when it comes to offering a simple and convenient shopping experience to individuals looking for contacts. They offer an easy to navigate website, wide range of accessories, very strong customer service, fast shipping options and a good range of products. It is no surprise that 1-800 CONTACTS is our #1 advice for you to order contacts online and winner of AlwaysReview Gold.


Lensmart is the place to be if you are looking to find amazing and incredible bargains when ordering your contacts online. They not only offer quality products but also they offer rebates with multiple contact lens purchases. With every purchase of $99 and above, you qualify for free shipping. They offer a wide variety of quality contacts which include PureVision, O2OPTIX, DAILIES, Focus, Freshlook, CooperVision, CIBA Vision, Biomedics, Bausch and Lomb, Aqualite, Acuvue, etc. Regardless of whether you are looking for lenses for astigmatism, bifocal lenses, daily contacts or coloured contacts, you can be sure that your eyecare needs will be covered by Lensmart appropriately.  Ordering you contacts online from Lensmart is straight forward and easy as long as you have your prescription handy.  You can order your contacts online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week online or by placing an order over the telephone. 

Discount Contacts

Discount Contacts is a contact lens company that offers you the opportunity to purchase your desired contacts at the lowest possible price.  They offer a personalized and highly efficient customer service.  The company not only provides optical solutions for individuals in the US but also those in South America, the Far East and Europe, making it possible for customers around the world to order contacts online at Discount Contacts.

At discount contacts you can order from all major brands at 50-70% less than the retail price at your local shop. All the contacts sold by the company match prescriptions made by doctors and the products are delivered safely to you in sealed packaging as is from the manufacturer.  The low price on offer at Discount Contacts is accessible by everyone so you do not need to meet any special conditions. 

Contact Lens King

After coming into existence over 10 years ago, Contact Lens King has continued to provide lens wearers with quality and affordable contacts all across America. Servicing millions of customers in that time, they have continued to improve over the year sby not just providing value but also excellent customer service. Especially this service makes it a great place to order your contacts from online.

With the wonderful services of Contact Lens King, you can easily find and order contacts online at a very valuable price. However, the company not only offers the best prices, you get to enjoy free shipping and personalized support. The customer representatives at the company do their best to ensure that every customers need is met so as to ensure they have a very pleasurable experience. takes pride in their ability to help individuals order contacts online and save money on contacts while continuing to provide very good customer service.  Over the last two decades, they have continued to show contact lens users that it is possible to get quality and cheap contact lens online using their highly impressive and honest business operations. They have shipped over 2 million orders in their time of existence. Even with the years of experience, they have continued to improve, striving to keep everyone happy and satisfied. 

Contact Lenses

What are contacts?

Although some people wear contacts for cosmetic beauty, they are special lenses meant for use by individuals with visual impairments such as presbyopia, farsightedness, shortsightedness, and astigmatism. Individuals who have these conditions have retinas that cannot focus on light properly.

Contac lenses are therefore designed to suit the eye condition they are meant to correct. For example if you have astigmatism, the optometrist will measure your cornea so as to find you a contact lens that will fit your eye perfectly.  When this is done light rays will fall on one part of the cornea, thereby correcting the defect.

If you are dealing with myopia (shortsightedness), the best contacts for you will be thicker around the edges and thinner in the middle. This design makes it easy for the light rays to be correctly processed by the retina. All other conditions are treated in the same manner, with focus being on channeling light to the retina in the best way suited for the condition.


What is the best place to order contacts online?

For most people, ordering contacts is through the usual route of talking to an optometrist or optician and ordering the contacts from them. In many cases though, this route is costly die to the wage of the optician, his shop, the continuous unnecessary re-measurement of your eyes.

This is why many people are moving over to the new trend to order contacts online. The best online shops offer a wide variety of options to choose from, whether clear contacts of different quality, subscription and usage length or different colored colors.

In our comparison of the best places to shop for your contacts, 1-800 CONTACTS proved to the worthy winner of AlwaysReview Gold due to its wide array of products, excellent customer service and fast delivery times that will keep you coming back.


How to choose the best place to order contacts online?

Finding where to order contacts online is not easy especially when you are careful about quality.  In the past, there were very few online shops offering these lenses but today, the options are abundant. While this is a good thing, it has equally increased the difficulty in choosing the best place to order your contacts. We are going to take a look at important tips that will help you in determining if a site is up to task or not.

Find sites that offer a wide range of products

Apart from the wide range of products, you equally need to find a site that offers cheap contacts online at an affordable price. The reason for choosing a contacts providers with a good range of products is because they offer you a good degree of freedom in your selections.  With a good online shop for contacts, you should find the best brands such as Purevisio, Proclear, Freshlook, Focus, Biofinity, Air Optix, Acuvue etc. Ensure that the website offers you toric lenses, disposable lenses (daily, weekly and monthly), single vision, bifocal lenses, colored contacts, traditional lenses and vial lenses. Some of the best sites to shop for your contacts will offer you theatrical lenses as well.

Consider the shipping options

On any online contact lens website, you should carefully consider the shipping options available. This is important because the length of time it will take for your order to get to you will determine if you will run out of lenses while waiting for your shipment.  There should be a way of tracking your order and occasional you could make use of free shipping. Some of the contacts webshops offer expedited shipping for people who are in a rush.

Easy navigation

The best places to buy your contacts make it easy for you to navigate the website to find what you are looking for. This is done by adding multiple categories and multiple search options, helping you to quickly narrow down your search.

Good range of accessories

When the site that you choose to buy your contacts offers a wide range of accessories, it gives you the convenience of one stop shopping, saving you money in the process. Therefore you should look for sites that offer reading glasses, sunglasses, cases, both quality and cheap colored contacts and contact solution. Ordering all your eye-care products in one place saves you time and some shipping costs.

Customer service

The best shop to order your contacts from, often have good return policies allowing you to return the lenses anytime within its life expectancy. This is important because it allows you to exchange your unused or unopened contacts if you no longer need them due to prescription change. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Choose sites with good solutions to any concerns or questions you may have and be sure to confirm the availability of different modes of contact. Most webshops to order from, offer Live chat which is the most valuable as it offers you the opportunity to speak with an expert as you choose your accessories. The company should ideally, have a strong social media presence offering updates and frequent promotions. If the company is active on Twitter, Facebook etc. it offers you a good way to get answers to pressing issues quickly.

After making your choice based on these considerations, you will be able to choose the best place to order contacts online from, saving you a great deal of time and money by no longer going to the optician.