Dicount Contact Lenses Review
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Discount Contacts Review

The Good:  At Discount Contacts, you are sure of enjoying a one stop shopping experience. This company adequately covers all major brands and accessories you will ever need.

The Bad:  It takes a great deal of patience to find products due to the distracting and cluttered look of the website.

The Verdict:  With Discount Contacts, you are guaranteed to find what you are searching for. However, the website can be somewhat overwhelming making it difficult for customers to figure out how to order contacts online in one go. 

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Why order contacts online at Discount Contacts?

Discount Contacts offers you a very good collection of the major brands of contacts.  The product range covers the usual brands and a few others that are not as popular the Acuvues and Purevisons. This equates to over 40 brands of contacts making it very difficult for anyone to go through the webpage without finding what they are looking for. Apart from colored and theatrical lenses, it is possible to get daily, weekly and monthly disposable contacts, bifocal contacts, toric contacts and RGP contacts when you order contacts online at Discount Contacts.

When ordering contacts online at Discount Contacts, you quickly notice that the contacts are not the only products on offer as there are contact solutions and cases, sunglasses, swimming goggles, eye treatments, protective eyewear, reading glasses, vitamins and other optical products. With all of these items readily available, you are guaranteed to have a convenient and pleasurable shopping experience.

With all purchases above $99, you get free standard shipping. This offers a good incentive to people who are looking at order a year’s worth of contact lens supply at once. With the standard shipping, your purchase will get to you within five to seven days after order has been processed. This shipping time is within the industry average so it’s decent. The free shipping frees up funds you can invest in other important optical wares if you wish.

The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee when you order contacts online at Discount Contacts, but the conditions for mean that you can only return purchases if the seal has not been tampered with.

On the Discount Contacts Webpage, it is very easy to find important links like the customer service page and the FAQ page helping you to valuable information on ordering online at Discount Contacts. Regardless of what page you move to, the links for logging in, tracking your order, shipping information, order tracking, and shopping cart can be found at the top and at the bottom of the pages making them easy to reach.

Although it is easy to access these vital and important links, the homepage is not well arranged and this can easily leave users overwhelmed.  There is a reorder button which your can use to order contacts online and a search bar at the top of the page together with the links mentioned above and links to a few popular contact lens brands.  The sides of the website present you with different categories and groupings to simplify your search but the cluster of images and words make it a bit difficult to find what you are searching for.  It is also difficult to use the FAQ page as the questions and answers are arranged in such a way that you first of all need to search the webpage for answers to question after which you will have to scroll through the questions to find the answer that suits your question the most. Therefore, you are better off talking with a customer service representative instead.


Why choose Discount Contacts as your contact lens provider?

  • Wide range of brands and product type
  • Shipping across America, South America, Europe and the Middle East
  • Free shipping for purchases higher than $99
  • One stop shopping experience


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