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Best Mac Data Recovery Software Reviews

Mishandling of storage devices or accidental formatting and deletion are scenario's that sadly happen quite often. Recovering such lost data or formatted data on a Mac based system can only be achieved using software solely meant for the task. The best mac data recovery software will easily bring back your files while retaining its original properties, name, size, format and meta data. These programs are designed for use by all categories of individuals ranging from the technology adverse to technogically advanced user. Some of these programs will even bring back your data within 3 clicks.

#1 on our list of best mac file recovery software is the Jihosoft file recovery mac. Using this software, you can recover all document types with great ease and at almost zero losses. Very few data recovery programs have such an impressive extraction rate. A great aspect of this software is the ability view files before the recovery, allowing you to know exactly what to expect. #2 on the list is the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software. This software is renowned for its intuitive interface and its 3 step recovery process. If wanting to recover your data from Windows, click here.

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Jihosoft File Recovery Mac

Jihosoft File Recovery Mac offers you a powerful tool that can be used to recover any deleted or lost files on your Mac Storage systems.  Even with the power it packs under the hood, the tool is very simple to use and can be used efficiently by all individuals irrespective of knowledge level. Using this program, it is easy to recover documents, audios, videos or lost pictures. The software makes it easy to recover formatted files as well from all storage devices. It supports selective file recovery by allowing you a preview of scanned recoverable files. Deleted files that are recovered retain the effect, quality and original names they were saved with in the first place. Due to its combination of effectiveness and simplicity of use, it is the best Mac data recovery software 2018. 

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is one of the best software to rely on to recover the lost files, images movies and general documents lost on your Mac. Using this software, it is easy to recover your files irrespective of how the files got lost so you can easily get your file back after accidental deletion of files, virus attacks or hard-disk failure. The software quickly scans HFS, HFS+, FAT, EXFAT without causing any damage to the file or the system. Using the pre-recovery preview feature, the software simplifies the data recovery process. The software equally does a good job at recovering data lost on a windows partition on a Mac device. 

Disk Doctors Mac Data Recovery

Living up the names, Disk Doctors Mac Data Recovery is a recovery utility that does a good job at recovering lost files on Mac systems and other compatible devices. The software is easy to use and understand as it offers a streamlined data recovery option. This makes it easily usable by all categories of individuals.  It is not as feature rich as the best Mac data recovery software but it gets the job done in the vast majority of cases. 

Remo Recover

While enjoying your Mac (and indeed other iOS devices), there is an air of invincibility until you lose vital documents. Losing important data feels disastrous. Many people put in regular work (backups) to forestall any occurrence but there is no telling when the accident will occur. Data loss occurs in many forms. It may be losing a family holiday album and it can be as serious as losing very vital work related document. Thankfully, there are many file recovery software for Mac out there that do a great job at trying to recover your data intact. One of these is the Remo Recover Tool. This popular recovery tool for Mac comes with a wizard-driven user interface that is easy to use and the wide range of tools it deploys means you do not have to worry about not being able to recover files from an empty thrash folder or accidently formatting the wrong disk.

Data Rescue

Although Mac computers are often very reliable, there is no telling when hardware failure or other cases of data loss will occur. Using Data Rescue, you can be sure of getting back your lost file as the software searches through your computer thoroughly.

Data Rescue is one of the few file recovery applications originally built for use on Mac systems alone. Majority of the file recovery systems for Mac are basically converted Windows recovery tools but this isn’t the case with this product as it is properly compatible with the MAC OS X, giving it the ability to effectively and thoroughly search for lost files. 

Mac Recovery Software

What is Mac Data Recovery Software?

Every computer user understands the need to have backup of all important data on the machine but in many cases, this is not always feasible or can be forgotten. Often, users who backup data only do so for select documents leaving them prone to loss of data. Regardless of the type of data lost, any user ever gone through the agony of losing important files will intuitively understand the value of recovery programs. The best mac data recovery software is purposely designed to extract those data that are considered lost.

When choosing the best file recover software for mac, there are a few important things you to consider:

  • Firstly, check whether the software of choice offers a free trial offer. The best file recovery software for Mac will allow you to download the software for free, offering you a peek at the files that are recoverable before purchasing the entire software package.  
  • Secondly, check the vendor’s compensation plan in case you are not satisfied with the software. A vendor without a proper refund policy in place most likely does not have the interest of the users at heart.


You equally need to be very sure that the disk recovery software for Mac is tailored to help you recover the exact file type you lost.  Some recovery tools may not be useful if you are looking at recovering your movie files or PDF documents but will work well for Word Documents and images.

Compare the user interfaces of the various products. Although these software packages are hopefully not programs you will be spending a lot of time with, it is best to make sure that the software doesn’t complicate matter further. If the software is designed for use by only high level professionals, it will do you little good and you may end up losing your hard disk.

Don’t forget to confirm the compatibility of the software with your Mac system. Some of the software works for only select MAC OS, while some of them work for a wide variety of MAC Os’. Focus on the right one for you system specifications.

While readings the reviews of disk recovery software for Mac is a good way to start the search for file recovery solution, price comparisons for the best mac data recovery tools should of course not be neglected.


What is the best Mac Data Recovery Software ?

Data loss is a common occurrence among users of storage enabled devices. This explains the high number of free and paid file recovery software for Mac in the market today. A quick search online throws up different opinions regarding what recover program is the best leaving a lot of people confused on what is actually the best Mac recovery software to use.

However, we have taken a look at the best file recovery software in the market today and we have come up with the top 5 in the market.  Ranked #1 on our list is the Jihosoft File Recovery Mac software. It is capable of recovering all kinds of deleted files on a Mac computer including image, music, video and other general documents. The software not only recovers files across different categories of storage devices, it is also easy to preview files before initiating the recovery process.

Ranked #2 on our list is the Stellar Phoenix Mac. This software stands out in terms of ease of use and effectiveness making the go-to software for tech newbies. Tech savvy individuals will equally be left satisfied. #3 on our list is the Disk Doctors Mac Data Recovery. The software is very simplistic and not feature-rich but it can help recover you data across all Mac-Compatible devices. Other good Mac file recover software includes Remo Recover and Data Rescue.


How to choose the best file recovery software for Mac?

To get the best recovery software for Mac, there are important points you need to keep in mind. Keeping these points in mind will help you get the best value for your money. What are these points?

  1. You need to be sure that the software is capable of recovering data from all USB drives, ZIP, SATA, SCSI, EIDE and IDE. Even though you are only hoping to recover files from your MAC, multi-disk drive support might come in handy later.
  2. The software must be able to recover partitions that have been lost or formatted. With certain software, you will not be able to recover a file if it is not from the existing partition.
  3. The best Mac data recovery software should also be able to recover emails with support for Macintosh files, Entourage repair and MS Office.
  4. There should equally be the capability to recover all file types else you will be left with partial recovery. A good recovery program should be able to recover EPS, PMD, NSF, FH3 to FH11, PTF, AAC, MXF etc.
  5. The software must have a demo version. All reliable recovery utility come with demo versions as these versions are the only way to be sure about the capabilities of the software.  Since the demo version of most recovery tools show a preview of what can be recovered, it offers you a first-hand view of what the software can do. Therefore, if you can’t find the files you are looking for the product is not for you.