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Remo Recover Review

The Good: Apart from the user-friendly wizard-driven interface, the software works on a wide range of devices such as hard disks, iPods, flash media etc. The software for mac utilizes read-only data recovery methods thereby removing the possibility of bringing further damage to the data being recovered.  Remo Recover also comes with arguably the best support system seen on any Mac recovery software.

The Bad: The software is not all inclusive as there are three different editions each catering for different types of data loss. This makes it suitable only for individuals looking to recover a fixed file type instead of a collection of file types. There is no support for phones and there are certainly cheaper alternatives in the market.

The Verdict: Although Remo Recover has some flaws it does a good job at data recovery. The user-interface makes it an attractive and popular proposition for a wide user base interested in Mac recovery software.

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What makes Remo Recover Data Recovery software great?

Remo Recover is undoubtedly one of the best file recovery software for Mac. It offers a user friendly interface but this is not at the expense of efficacy.  Using Remo Recover, all types of data loss can be remedied.  Simple file deletions and reformatted or unmounted hard drives are the most common data loss scenarios and Remo Recover handles it perfectly.   The software is not without its weak points but it still retains its position on our most valuable Mac Data Recovery software.

With this software, there are three different editions. There is the Remo Recover Pro, The Remo Recover Media and The Remo Recover Basic. All of these cater for different types of data loss.  With the Remo Recover basic, you can only recover deleted documents and files.    The Remo Recover Media only recovers video, music and photo files. The Pro version is the most rounded of the lot as it handles data loss due to deleted or lost volumes, re-partitioned drives and reformatted partitions.  The reasoning behind the splitting of the software into different editions is understandable because individuals with minor document loss scenarios will not need to pay the expensive cost for the Pro Edition to recover their lost document. However, this doesn’t negate the fact that the idea makes issues complicated. What happens when the individual has to recover a document and a few music files? An all-inclusive Mac recovery software would definitely be appreciated by individuals who have a more demanding data loss situation to handle.

Regarding the actual recovery process, Remo Recover excels greatly. Using the Pro Edition,   recovering permanently deleted audio clips, documents, videos, images and other files on your Mac is easy. However, its recovery is rarely 100% as there are usually a few files left unrecovered even with extra recovery attempts. Another important point to keep in mind about this software is that unlike other file recovery software for Mac, it is only possible to preview media files. This makes the recovery process a tad tedious if you are looking for a single text document for instance, instead of recovering an entire hard-disk.

Even with its decent efficacy, Remo Recover still offers excellent support and ease of use.  The recovery software comes with a recovery wizard which provides detailed guides, thereby simplifying the process a great deal for non-tech savvy individuals.  If the Wizard is not enough or if you need further clarifications on certain issues, the customer support is excellent.  The manufacturers have a detailed collection of support resources that are very helpful and comprehensive. On the Remo website, video tutorials, product manuals and a packed knowledgebase can be readily accessed.  The tutorials offer a visual demonstration of how to complete various scans using the software. It is very useful for individuals who are not experienced in data recovery and it helps to greatly reduce the anxiety that comes with file recovery.


Why choose Remo Recover as your Mac Data recovery software?

  • No risk of further file damage
  • User friendliness
  • Fast file recovery
  • Range of supported media
  • Deep scanning
  • Range of advanced features


System Requirements

  • Operating System – Mac OS X 10.5.x and above (including Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion)
  • RAM –1GB (Recommended, 2GB RAM)
  • Free disk space - 50MB (for installation)
  • Log in as System Administrator or as a root to install and use the software
  • Supports 32-bit, 64-bit Mac



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