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Data Rescue Review

The Good: Data Rescue is efficient in recovering files from damaged and healthy drives. The demo version of the software is completely functional, making it easy to see what the software can do before paying for it. The software is also decently priced.

The Bad: The secondary drive needed to install and run this application needs to be large enough for the process. Without this, the file being restored will get deleted. There is a high chance of files being overwritten especially if the individual running the recovery process is new to file recovery.

The Verdict: The product does a good job as Mac file recovery software and its ease of use is equally commendable. It is not however, the best data recovery software for mac out there.

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What makes Remo Recover Data Recovery software great?

Data rescue offers users a wide range of features that simplify and enhance the data recovery process.  The software offers a quick scan that utilizes the existing drive directory while trying to recover lost files.  The quick scan is faster than the deep scan as it can be completed in minutes.  If you are trying to recover recently deleted files, the deleted files scan is for you.

Disk imaging and drive analysis are some of the advanced features offered by the software.  The disk imaging tool works by creating a clone of the drive and this allows it to perform a deep scan of failing drives.  This feature comes in handy when dealing with a severe case of data loss.

The software offers the Analyze tool which helps in finding out how accurately the Mac system can read data.  It offers a good way of discovering failing drives.  The FileIQ feature is also very interesting as it offers a way of “teaching” the software file formats it does not recognize naturally.  This can be done by simply dragging a sample of the format into the software for it to scan and recognize.

With most file recovery software for Mac, ease of use is often relegated to the background in a bid to build as many features as possible and this is a wrong approach. File recovery is very tasking and the recovery period is one of the most anxious moments while using a computer. Therefore, the importance of usability cannot be overemphasized.   The manufacturers of Data rescue understand this perfectly and so they have made the interface of this software easy to use and intuitive. There is a recovery wizard that shows you how to use the software in five simple steps. This data recovery software for Mac is suitable for everyone regardless of experience level.

When you scan your entire drive, the result may bring up thousands of deleted or missing documents. To easily sort through the result and pick out your desired files, this software comes with different search options. Files can be filtered by size, type or date of last modification. The search options come in handy when trying to recover a few files from your deleted files. As you delete files on your Mac, the operating system removes the file name. This is makes it hard for many Mac recovery software to remember names of deleted files. Using Data Rescue though, it is possible to filter files using the original names.

Using Data Rescue, you can preview all common file formats. This includes audio clips, video, documents and images. The preview feature is very useful as it saves you a lot of time by ensuring that you only recover files that are important to you.  Other Mac data recovery tools only allow preview of media files.

While using Data Rescue, the result of all completed scans are saved. This is very important as it makes it easy for you to restore data much later in the future or pull data from past scans without having to scan the drive a second time.

With most file recovery software, customer support is often a problem. Many of them include it as an afterthought but with Data Rescue, the customer support is very good. The company understands that data loss scenarios are not just stressful but time sensitive and so, they have done their best to offer personalized customer service to make the data recovery process very effortless. The customer service reps are certified technicians that understand the process and the workings of the MAC OS X. They are very friendly to customers, offering informed and precise solutions to questions raised at any point in time pertaining to the use of the software.

The company offers a range of useful resource that will also help you learn more about the software and how to go about the file recovery process. On the website, there are Frequently Asked Questions, Video Tutorials, a Product Manual and some how-to guides.


Why choose Data Rescue as your Mac Data Rescue Software?

  • Ease of use
  • Wide range of features
  • Quick scan
  • FileIQ
  • Analyze Tool


System Requirements

Data Rescue can be run as a normal application if the files you are looking to recover are not located on your main hard drive. If the file is located on your secondary hard drive, you can install and use the software on your main hard drive.  Below are the required specifications.

  • Mac OS X 10.4.11/10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8
  • 512MB RAM minimum (1GB or more recommended)
  • PowerPC G4, G5 or Intel 1.0GHz processor minimum


You must recover you files to a second hard drive if you want to avoid the risk of your files being overwritten.

You can also run the software from a secondary drive. This is the method to use if the files you are trying to recover are located on your main hard drive. Since the files are located on the startup disk, it is not possible to run or install the software on the same disk.  To run the software, you need to start up the Mac in any of the following ways:

  • Starting up from the Data Rescue 3 Boot DVD (for older Macs)
  • Starting up from a secondary Mac
  • Starting up from a secondary startup disk with OS X installed on it



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