Lensmart Review
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Lensmart Review

The Good: Lensmart has a great array of options, a fantastic customer service and an excellent delivery time if you choose to order your contacts online through their webshop.

The Bad: The user experience on the website isn’t very positive with the FAQ page being the worst hit.

The Verdict: Even though the Lensmart website can definitely be improved on, they still offer a good variety of products and wonderful shipping options when ordering your contacts online at Lensmart.

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Why order contacts online at Lensmart?

If you have need for quality contacts, there is a high possibility that Lensmart will provide you with what you are looking for.  The company’s inventory is very deep as it is possible to find custom-made contacts as well as popular brands. Some top brands found on this website include Air Optix, Biomedics, Bausch and Lomb, Boston, CIBA, Cooper Vision, Soflens, Proclear, Frequency, Freshlook, Acuvue, etc. Apart from the fact that they have some of the best brands of contacts, you can also find a good range of novelty contacts. It is especially their wide range of options which makes them an excellent choice to order contacts online.

With Lensmart, you will get some of the best shipping times in the industry. Standard shipping with this company is between three and six days.  If you opt to go with expedited shipping, your purchase will be at your doorstep within 24 hours of processing.  The company offers free shipping for all purchases above $99 ensuring that you get very good value for money.  This is very beneficial for individuals who order for a year’s supply of contacts.  However, people who want to make smaller sized purchases will have to shoulder the burden for the shipping fee.

On Lensmart, you can find a good range of accessories which will include eye drops, lens cases, sunglasses, goggles, etc. If you are looking for convenient airline-approved items as well, you can count on Lensmart to have them. Other accessories that can purchased at bargain prices on Lensmart include, spare lens cases and lens solutions. This provides you with a very good one-stop shopping experience saving you money on shipping and also saving you time, making it a great options to order your contacts online.

If you ever have to contact Lensmart, there are a variety of ways you can do so. There is a fax number, a toll free phone an international phone number and customer service agents that are active every day of the week offering you solutions to problems on received merchandise and order placements as well as enquiries concerning any contacts order online at their webshop.

If need help to order contacts online at Lensmart, there is a FAQ page which is guaranteed to offer you a solution to any problems you may have.  You can be sure that almost any question you have to ask has already been asked by someone. Going through the answers offers you a quick way of resolving any difficulties. The downside with using this option is that the questions and answers are not properly arranged making the process rather tedious. However, you can get answers to your questions by directly talking to the customer reps.


Why choose Lensmart as your online contact lens shop?

  • Wide product variety
  • Free shipping on bulk purchases
  • 24 hour shipping on expedited purchases
  • One stop shopping experience


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