Lens.com Review
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Lens.com Review

The Good:  The wide range of products on offer reduces the chances of not finding your desired product on the website.

The Bad:  The company doesn’t have any free shipping provisions irrespective of purchase amount. They are also lacking on the accessories front.

The Verdict: This is the company to order contacts online with if you are looking for where to order basic contact lens types. 

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Why order contacts online at Lens.com?

With Lens.com, you can be sure to order contacts online with ease. Some of the contact lens brands include Softlens, PureVision, Procleare, FreshLook, Frequency, Focus, Biofinity, Biomedics, Bausch & Lomb, Air Optix, Acuvue etc. Lens.com is also the place to be if you are looking for theatrical contacts that will suit your party costume. One reason why Lens.com does not offer accessory sales is because they offer a very large collection of contacts.

Unlike what is obtainable with some of our top rated online contact lens providers, the company does not offer free shipping.  You have to pay for your shipping irrespective of order size. They offer both standard shipping and expedited shipping.  After the initial 24-48 hours it takes to process the order of your contacts online, you have to wait between five and seven days for your order to arrive via standard shipping. On expedited shipping, you will get your order in 48 hours.

Using the Lens.com website is easy and so finding a specific lens type is straightforward.  The drop down menus at the top of the homepage helps you search for lenses by type or name of manufacturer. There is also the option of finding your preferred contact lens by using the search box.  At the center of the webpage, all the popular brands are listed according to their logo making it very easy to select your preferred brand and order contacts online. On the left, you can use the links provided to see the most popular manufacturers and the most popular contact lens type.  Since it is easy to find the contact lens of your choice from the homepage, Lens.com offers decent navigation.

The mobile website of the company however, is not easy to use and seeing that majority of users surf the web more on smartphones and tablets this will pose a challenge to many users.

If you are not satisfied with product offered by the company, you can return it and request for a full refund as there is a money back guarantee when you shop at Lens.com. However, you will not be offered the full refund if the product is no longer in the original packaging or if the packaging has been tampered with. You can also request for a refund if the product sold to you was damaged either during shipment or straight from the manufacturers.  Again, the company will offer you a refund if your prescription changes after you have purchased the lenses. All unopened lenses can then be changed for new ones.

The customer service section of the company has done a good job at providing avenues to solve any problems you may encounter as you order contacts online at Lens.com. You can send them an email or call the toll free lines if you have any questions relating to purchase or use of the products. The verification prescription department has its own separate lines so you will get faster response contacting them on their dedicated lines, emails and fax. The company doesn’t have an interactive social media presence so unless you are calling on phone you have to wait for hours to get your question cleared.


Why choose Lens.com as your online contact lens provider?

  • Large ware house and inventory
  • Orders are shipped within 48 hours
  • Easy to use website
  • Decent customer service



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