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Zygor ESO Leveling Guide Review

The Good: The ESO Zygor leveling guide is an in-game software application directing you through the world of Tamriel. In the bottom right corner of your screen, a waypoint arrow with a small non-intrusive text box, will tell you who to speak to, what quests to go on and how to complete your objectives in the most efficient way. It is your personal in-game navigation system to awesomeness.

The Bad: Some players might not want an in-game navigation system. No class specific or crafting guide available yet. For those, check out the ESO Killer Guides.

The Verdict: Zygor is lightyears ahead of the competition when it comes to the best ESO leveling guides. Developed by a professional team of gamers, Zygor is the most advanced approach to leveling guides we have ever seen. Without a doubt the best and fastest leveling guide available.

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Why is the Zygor ESO guide the master of all guides?

Even if your only quickly review the Zygor ESO guide by, you’ll notice this is much more than a regular leveling guide. It is an in-game software solution that, much like a navigation system in a car, points you to the next point of interest depending on the quest you choose. It tracks your progress dynamically, adjust goals when you achieve them and automatically points you in the shortest direction to the next goal. This allows Zygor to boast about a leveling time of 1 to 50 in only 4 days!

One could argue that a guide should be book, explaining things about the game and the character. That it should be a nice read which takes you away from the game for a while. Fair enough, for players that believe this to be true there are other guides out there that deliver just that. But the truth of the matter remains that most MMORPG players absolutely love this stuff! And Zygor delivers once again.

The Zygor ESO leveling guide is usable for all 3 major alliances; the Aldmeri Dominion, the Daggerfall Convenant and the Ebonheart Pact. Unlike most other MMORPGs, do all alliances in the Elder Scrolls Online have their own unique questing route. And Zygor provides dedicated guide for each. You can either choose to purchase them as a bundle, or purchase each individually. 

The Zygor ESO guide is a completely legal add-on to the game and will never get you banned from the ESO servers. On top of that, you will get constant updates to make sure your guide, or navigational system, is always up to date. We would be delighted if you some players would take the time to write a short Zygor ESO review under the user review section, and let us know if Zygor manages to deliver on this promise.

Over 100,000 gamers have tried and reviewed the ESO Zygor guides before and one could argue that it is a proven and very successful concept. Unless you prefer to have a guide that you can read manually, this is the next-gen solution that keeps you where you want to be; in-game!


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