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Wondershare PDF Converter Pro Review

The Good: Small memory requirements, making it one of the best OCR programs solution for older PC’s.

The Bad: As the name suggests, Wondershare is a PDF converter only.

The Verdict: Great value for money for users interested in PDF conversion.

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What makes Wondershare great OCR software?


Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is OCR software with the ability to turn PDF files to other file formats. It supports PDF file conversions to MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, ePub, HTML, image and text formats among other capabilities.

We found out that it was impossible to edit or open PDFs, including adding a video clip, an audio clip, and so on. Wondershare PDF Converter Pro solely deals with PDF conversions. Also note that we could not add remarks, create digital signatures or even create forms.  But there is a relief from the company: it is in the process of creating a PDF Editor Pro for Mac and a PDF Editor Pro for Windows. These, it claims, will have all the missing points. 

Though it cannot scan from within an application, the Wondershare PDF converter Pro’s OCR function will enable you to create an editable text from a scanned copy. Thus you only have to scan a document, save it as a PDF file and import it into the PDF Converter Pro. It can perform multi-page document conversions in just 4 1/2 minutes when the OCR function is turned on. The output is not great though. If you, however, turn the character recognition off, the software will perform the same task in less than a minute and give you blur-free results.

It will leave your document’s page size intact and it won’t crash in the middle of the exercise.  We adore this software for allowing us create many HTML Files from lengthy PDF files though.  It allowed us to create linked bookmarks for every page of our HTML files. But when we tried to reverse the process, the PDF Converter Pro still worked and the result was not excellent but we appreciated it. With regards to batch processing, the Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is a winner. It is able to line up as many as two hundred PDF files for the conversion exercise at once.

What’s more, we could instruct it to transform certain pages of each document and it did a great job!  However, we were not able to add more than one outcome for all the PDFs we had queued. The PDF Converter Pro will only tackle one output at a time, meaning that all the queued documents will have a similar format in the end. Another interesting thing we found out when doing batch conversions is that the Converter Pro was able to overlook some security measures set up in some documents. 

Even if the security alert is popped up, preventing the OCR software from editing, copying and so on, the Wondershare PDF Converter Pro will ignore it. So it can convert a copy-righted document very easily as well.  But if the document must be opened with a password first, this OCR program will obey the security alert. Just like us, you will probably find the popup ads that will keep showing up in your PC screen annoying. They are not virus, so do not worry.


  • Many PDF conversions – If you want OCR software that will help you alter bulky PDF files to MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, web pages, HTML, Epub eBooks then pick the Wondershare PDF Converter Pro.
  • Convert Images to PDF – Wondershare claims that its software is capable of formatting an image to different formats, including PNG, TIFF, JPG, BMP and GIF.
  • Converting Password-locked PDFs - Do you have many encrypted PDFs? The PDF Converter Pro will let you copy, edit or print them as long as you know the passwords. If you cannot open a password-locked document, then the software will not be of big assistance.
  • Alter PDF scans to editable copies - Wondershare calls it a built-in leading edge Optical Character Recognition option.  It claims that the advanced OCR feature will alter non-digital data into digital content in files that contain images. Finally it will release editable content in form of MS Word, PowerPoint and other formats it supports.
  • Multi-user license – Whether you get your PDF Converter Pro for personal use or business use, it will permit use on different computer machines. When purchased in bulk, that is buying the standard and pro versions, you can save money.
  • Ecure – The software offers robust encryptions and fraud protection. Your personal data will be totally safe.
  • Money back guarantee – This is a thirty-day, risk free money back guarantee after purchase. It still gives you a free trial period.

All in all, Wondershare is in essence a PDF converter, meaning it lacks the features to become the best OCR program on the market. However what it does, it does very well.


We strongly feel that this product is fine for beginners. We found installation and usage effortless as we got manuals, tutorials, and FAQs to guide us. You will run this software too!

Customer help and support

There are knowledgeable and courteous representatives on the official Wondershare Website. They will offer instant live chats and emailing around the clock.

System Requirements/specifications

It is meant for Windows and Macintosh users. The Mac Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is cheaper.

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Wondershare PDF Converter Pro