US Search Review
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US Search Review

The Good: An enormous number of records and fantastic personal service makes US Search a highly recommended and very capable service. The possibility to request someone to go through older, only physically and not digitally stored, archives can give this service an edge for some.

The Bad: Limited functionality with its subscription model, and it is purely US based – No ability to search internationally.

The Verdict: One of the best background check service for US users interested in both digital as well as physical or manual data analysis. 

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What makes US Search great background check service?

US Search is a large and powerful background search service with a great deal of features that will provide you with almost unparalleled ability to find out the background of a person. Multiple features and support make it an extremely robust service that can garner almost any detail you could possibly want legally into the background of somebody.


A huge option is being able to choose the depth and delivery of your service. For example, there is a choice of instant or comprehensive reports, and also of expert-assistant results. This allows you a piece of mind to assure that what you are finding out is accurate and relevant and that nothing is being missed off. Searching through billions of records almost instantly, US Search provides an accurate and easy way of finding out the details that you require in a very presentable manner. Guarantees are provided in case the site is unable to meet the needs of your search.


US Search is great for personal use, check out romantic partners or potential partners, and looking into the background of a person who may have access to children or other vulnerable people, allowing you to be more careful and in knowledge of a person’s past if they have attempted to conceal anything or have just not been open. The advanced background check service by US Search is also great for US business users, being comprehensive as it is, and allows a company to check on a potential or current employee, which is quickly becoming standard practice when hiring, as it allows a company to get information about a person they may have accidentally or purposely neglected to reveal during their application and/or their interview(s).


US Search provides detailed criminal record checks and, while it will only provide the case number for alleged crimes or any other details, this can be used to then go to the courthouse and search the publically-available documents if they are unavailable online, providing you with the details you might need. US Search can also do this themselves, allowing you to conduct your searches without having to go anywhere yourself. Being able to employ US Search to help you with your check can take a lot of the effort and strain off of yourself, and they as well as the site can sift through the data you have requested to provide you with only relevant information, a useful and stress-reducing measure.


The fantastic customer service and the ability to do credit and employment checks on yourself round out an already fantastic package. The advanced background check service by US Search is a very comprehensive and helpful tool in finding out any background information you could want on a person, and comes highly recommended.


Why choose US Search as your background check site?

  • Billions of records searched makes this service provide a huge array of information about an enormous number of people
  • Quality customer service and runners to follow up on physical files
  • Strongly suited to personal users all the way through to top professionals


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