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Typing Quick & Easy Review

The Good:  The software offers a good number of games for kids to practice their typing skills learnt. There is equally built in music which aids the users in developing rhythm and speed. There are over 250 typing articles to practice with.  The software allows auto saving of results removing fear of progress loss.

The Bad:  This typing tutor software is easy to navigate but a virtual typing tutor would have improved the experience even further.

The Verdict:  The software is ideal for users of all age brackets but it is most suited for use in teaching young people how to touch type. 

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What makes Typing Quick & Easy fine typing software?

With Typing Quick & Easy, users get a good number of keyboard instructions that can be utilized by both kids and adults. There are 18 typing tests and 50 typing lessons all built to help children learn fluency in touch-typing.  This makes this software very capable touch typing software.

Also, the software offers over 250 short stories and articles that are all exceptionally valuable.  With this wide variety, the child will never get bored as there will always be a fresh practice material to learn with. The eight typing games are vital as they will keep typists entertained and involved. The length of time, the challenge level and the words per minute goal can be chosen by the user.

Unlike some of our higher ranked programs in our review of the best typing practice software for use in 2018, only one person can use the Typing Quick & Easy software. Others allow more than users, to varying degrees though.  However, the price of the software and features it comes with make it good value if you choose to buy separate software for different computers in your house.

While using the software, all results are saved. This means that even when your child quits using the software in the midst of a lesson, the progress made won’t be lost.  The software is highly customizable as you can adjust the size of your fonts, choose the words-per-minute goals, the sound you want played for every incorrect keystroke or correct keystroke, etc.  If you notice that your child isn’t doing great in typing correctly around specific keys or while using certain fingers, you can fashion a typing lesson that is targeted at those areas.

The ability to listen to music while working will appeal to older children as well as adults. There are 50 built in tracks geared towards helping children develop a typing rhythm. This will aid immensely in increasing typing speed.

The lack of pop up encouragement and a virtual tutor are areas where this software is lacking. However, the virtual tutor will not be missed greatly as there is an audio tutor telling your child what to do next at any interval. Your child will also not find it difficult navigating through the simple interface of the software.

The reporting options provided by Typing Quick & Easy gives a reading of accuracy percentage and adjusted words per minute rates. It is also possible to view results based on fingers, right and left hand, rows and specific keys.  All the reports are printable which means you can motivate your child even further by printing them and pasting them around the house.

With this, software, there is excellent support from the manufacturers. This includes direct support from the manufacturer, in-application manual and help resources that can be easily referenced while the software is in use.  For technical issues or other issues not covered in the help resources, the telephone and email lines provide you with good alternatives.

Why choose Typing Quick & Easy as your typing program?

  • 50 typing lessons
  • 18 typing tests
  • 250 practice articles
  • Flexibility
  • Auto saving of results
  • Good music

System Requirements

  • Pentium class PC or higher
  • Microsoft Windows Vista, XP or 2000
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • 250 MB Hard Drive Space Available
  • Sound Card
  • Speakers or Headphones
  • Mouse
  • 800 x 600, 16 Bit or higher display

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