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Typing Instructor For Business Review

The Good:  Typing Instructor for Business is good for learning how to type on numeric keypads and standard keyboards.  For the price of the software, you not only learn how to type but also how to use Microsoft Word and Excel.

The Bad:  Beginners will not learn properly with this software as there is no adaptive learning or video instruction. These are very important factors in ensuring that beginners to touché typing excel at it.

The Verdict: The curriculum of this software isn’t as extensive as what is obtainable on other software we have reviewed but it will still serve adults and professionals looking to improve on their typing skills immensely. 

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What makes Typing Instructor for Business a fine typing application?

With Typing Instructor for Business, you will be offered dozens of typing lessons. Every one of them is meant to help you learn specific letter combinations and keystrokes. With this touch typing software, you will learn how to use both standard and split QWERTY keyboards. You will also get to learn how to type on the numeric keypad which is important for certain business owners.  

Like all other good typing software, this product boosts your typing speed and accuracy through the aid of the practice sessions and lessons. The typing tests are timed and doing well in all of them improves your typing speed immensely. If you decide to go with freestyle keyboarding practice, there are hundreds of practice articles you can work with.

In a bid to cater for its intended demographic, this typing tutor software is bundled with Professor Teaches. This is a computer training application from the manufacturer which teaches you how to use Microsoft word and Excel. For people only using their computers at home, this may not be a useful addition but virtually all professionals will appreciate this gesture from the manufacturer.

This program is a compact typing program and so there are certain features that cannot be found on it. For instance, the software doesn’t come bundled with video instructions and it is also not able to tract adjusted word per minute numbers. Only one user is allowed to create a login in other to use this program.  It is not alone on this but our top rated products in our review of the best typing software fo use in 2018, allow multiple users to enjoy the typing education under one license. With some of them, the software can be installed on more than one computer. This removes the possibility of having one for everyone in your office or under your supervision.

Again, the typing practice software is lacking when it comes to covering certain information that are important to learn in typing. This includes training on typing posture (ergonomics). Adaptive learning does not exist as well meaning that you can move to the next typing lesson without hitting the required benchmarks on the previous lessons.

Why choose Typing Instructor for Business?

  • Straightforward learning experience
  • Easy to use interface
  • Learn how to type on standard and split QWERTY keyboards
  • Good customer support
  • Free Excel and Microsoft Word training

System Requirements

  • Pentium class PC or higher
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 200MB Hard drive space available per application

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