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TurboTax Review

The Good: Instead of full pages of text, the help files on TurboTax will provide you with answers to important questions in just a few sentences. For simple tax situations, this software almost matches the completion time provided by our top rated software. No extraneous screens to worry about. The design of this software is clean and uncluttered and has the ability to make just about anyone confident in the filing of taxes.

The Bad:  It is not the best tax software to use if you are dealing with an uncommon filing situation.  Schedule C users have to deal with payment for a pricey upgrade. Support is not as great as H&R’s.

The Verdict: The life-event like approach deployed by this software will be appreciated by anyone who prefers to file taxes on their own.

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What makes TurboTax great tax software?

 The best online tax software will focus on asking you the right questions to make sure that all areas are duly covered.   This is done by focusing on items the filer may not know they qualify for.  You can count on TurboTax in this regard because it excels greatly in it.  The software asks its questions in such a simplified manner, allowing just about anyone to be able to file an accurate return irrespective of experience.

This tax software does not require any calculations on the part of the user and this explains its high level of accuracy.  Unlike some of the best tax filing software we covered, it will only ask you to select your country before automatically calculating your tax obligations.

The software can be used by taxpayers of all cadres.  This includes business filers at the corporate partnership and LLC levels and 1040EZ filers.  People looking to file simple returns can use the SnapTax tool. Using this tool requires simply taking a picture of your W-2 with your iPhone or Android Phone and e-file after answering a few easy and straightforward questions.  For states that require a state return, this software makes the filing process easy and straightforward. The software can equally help you file prior year but only a far back as 2007.

In terms of ease of use, this tax filing software is definitely up there with some of the best online tax software we reviewed. Most people filing tax returns are anxious about the mathematics involved and so the importance of user friendly program cannot be overemphasized. TurboTax simplifies the process by ensuring that you only need to answer a few questions and fill in a few boxes in order to get your state and federal returns filed.  As long as you provide the right information, the simplicity of the process has virtually no effects on the accuracy.

The software features one of the best guided interview interfaces we saw in our review of the best tax software for use in 2018. With some of the software we saw, the guided interview process was only implemented at the beginning with everything else completed in   a form filing mode.  TurboTax differs greatly in this regard. The software offers guidance throughout the entire process explaining all laws and concepts. To use this tax program, you need to know the credits and deductions you qualify for, keeping in line with the most recent tax law changes.

Regarding customer service and support, users of TurboTax can have all issues resolved by looking through the online resources offered by the company. The online resource features one of the best tax preparation software answer collections we ever saw.  It covers all kinds of questions concerning billing and login. You can also get support via chat or via telephone.

While logged into the company website, you can see answers to virtually all popular questions.  The company also offers one-on-one sessions with a tax professional via telephone or chat to all their clients. The support covers audit guidance as well and their clients have been enjoying this privilege for 3 years now.   The customer service offered is ramped up during the tax season so you don’t have to be worried about having to wait for long before getting attended to.

Why choose TurboTax as your tax software?

  • Simple questions to take full advantage of deductions
  • See the deduction opportunities as you file
  • Help in getting maximum deductions from charity donations
  • Easy bespoke questions to answer
  • Automatic 1099 and W-2 filling
  • Ability to save progress and continue when it’s convenient
  • Guaranteed accuracy in calculations
  • Quality guidance and advice 

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