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Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 Review

The Good: Android OS and all the apps and features that come with it. Reduced price that makes it valid option for a good point and shoot camera. 

The Bad: Quality of the camera itself is lower than what others offer in the same price range. No ability to connect to the device aside from using Wi-Fi. 

The Verdict: With all of its shortcomings in regards to what lens or sensor it arrives with, Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 is too interesting to skip. 

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When it first came out, Samsung Galaxy Camera was a very unusual concept. It was basically a compact digital camera with a large touchscreen on the back, which used Android operating system. It wasn't long before Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 came out, offering more connectivity, and an up to date version of Android. When it was launched, Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 was considered to be a gimmick. This was mainly because the performance it offered wasn't worth the $450 (£308) price tag it came with. While the performance wasn't necessarily bad, it was just not good enough for that price point. Well, the price has come down significantly, and now Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 makes much more sense. 


Four main components of this odd camera/device are its 16MP backside-illuminated sensor, 21x wide angle lens, a large 4.8 inch, 1,280x720 HD touch screen, and  Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS. The lens and the sensor can produce very good photo quality for what they are. It's not the best combo to use in low light environments, but during the day you can easily snap some good looking photos. One way to boost the low light performance is to use the Night mode, which does reduce noise and performs a decent job at compensating for the lack of light. 

The main appeal of Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 is not in its sensor or the lens, it's in the fact that you get all the advantages of a smart phone (minus the phone part) in a fairly decent camera. You can use different apps, upload photos directly to social media, and even play games if you wish to. It's this notion of ultimate connectivity that sets this device apart, and makes it worth mentioning. Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 uses a 1.6GHz quad-core CPU and 2GBs of RAM that is powered by a Lithium-ion battery. 

Build Quality

Materials used in Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 are the exact same you could expect to find in any Samsung smart phone. Device doesn't feel fragile, and is actually quite sturdy. 


  • 4.8" HD Super Clear Display
  • 21x Optical Zoom 
  • 1080p HD Video
  • Android 4.3 Jellybean OS
  • Unusual design


Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 is a unique concept that used to be a cool gimmick, but is now a real option to consider due to its reduced price. Its versatility and the fact that it uses Android OS make it a very useful device to have. It's going to be interesting seeing if devices such as this one will become more wide spread, and what kind of impact they can create. 

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