ReadIris Pro Review
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ReadIris Pro Review

The Good: It will compress and reduce file sizes for easier storage. ReadIris Pro will also retain the original file layout after converting it.

The Bad: Though it performs better than most OCR programs in the market today, we found ReadIris Pro to be less accurate.

The Verdict: Although it is less accurate than the number one in our comparison, the OCR software has great compression features making it very suitable for users interested in the transcription of large amounts of files.

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What makes ReadIris Pro great OCR software?


With complete awareness that modern OCR software producers are shrewd, we expected a lot from ReadIris Pro when we installed it. So we opened the Startup wizard and decided to overlook pop-ups that kept emerging, needing us to answer 5 questions. We couldn’t wait to hit ReadIris core, and we did it! To our surprise, though, it couldn’t give us the conversion options we wanted. Surely our hurry, hurry had no blessings. As a result, we got back to step one and followed instructions, requesting the software to format our documents in MS Word. Unfortunately, it was not compatible with our MS Word 2007 version but rather responded to only Ms Word 2000. It denied us the copy-paste function too, and left us staring helplessly on our computer screen.

What we, therefore, concluded is that you cannot follow your own rules. The ReadIris Pro will obey you only if you begin in the Startup Wizard step, and enter the required format and language via the Format link displayed on the left part of your screen. Note that the converted document can be sent to your MS Word version, Acrobat Reader, WordPerfect, Key browsers (Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer), Open Office and others.

In conclusion, we found ReadIris Pro’s Optical Character Recognition conversion to be less accurate and therefor not the best OCR software of 2018. But it kept the original document’s color, tables, images and fonts whole. Although it claims to be able to change ICR (handwriting to text), our efforts to use this feature failed. It converted our handwriting sample into an image. We realized that the spell checker and MS SharePoint capabilities are absent.


  • File compressionReadIris Pro earned our respect because of this file compression function we did not find in OmniPage. It compresses the file size to make it smaller so it could be stored easily.
  • Multi-lingual – Just like OmniPage , ReadIris Pro boasts one hundred and twenty-eight languages. A few key languages include Korean, Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Chinese and Japanese among others.
  • Scanner function – It directs scanners.  
  • Bulky document reading – This software does document recognition on a file that has more than fifty pages.
  • Email function - This product is able to convert tabulated data and scans and it can send them directly to an email address.
  • Picture editing tool – We found useful features that could remove distortions, speckles or noises from images.


According to our hands on experience with the ReadIris Pro, it is very easy to use. As soon as you get introduced you will find the rest of the conversion process simple.

Customer help and support

The product default currency is Euro on the official website of the manufacturer. If you want to pay it in US dollars, you must first identify yourself as a resident of the United States. If you do so, it will do the currency conversion to US dollars. If you will need guidance on usage or assistance with your order, there are contact details provided on I.R.I.S website. It offers customer support via emails, phone calls, software tutorials, user manuals, and the FAQs.

System Requirements/Specifications

The ReadIris Pro OCR is compatible with the Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac. If you noticed when leading the OmniPage  Standard review, Mac users were not supported. Thus ReadIris is unique in this respect.

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