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PeopleFinders Review

The Good: An established name and a lot of background files checked. PeopleFinders has a great website that makes browsing for the information you are trying to find a breeze. The option to purchase only the results that are most relevant to you could save money.

The Bad: Sometimes results of this site are outdated, or the results can be fiddly to try and find the person you are looking for. Limited features other than standard research services.

The Verdict: A basic, and definitely not advanced, background check service that will provide you with a decent number of details from only limited information. Worth investing in if it finds who you want in the preview and if you are only looking for a specific area of information.

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What makes PeopleFinders a great background check site?

PeopleFinders is an established name and a powerful service for doing the research and finding out more information about individuals. It uses a wide array of tools to find out the information you desire, and can search through a large number of public records to find out what you want to know or to fill in gaps on a person’s information that you might have. Although it gives limited guarantees, it does provide a free preview function, allowing you to make sure it can find the person you are looking for.


Easy-to-use and with high navigability, the site is pleasant to use and lets you find what you want quickly. Some basic information is needed to look someone up but only one type of information is needed, which includes a name search, address search, e-mail address, Social Security number, and telephone numbers. Any or all of these can be used to locate a person’s details. While this is not perhaps as robust as some of the other background check services, it does still provide you with an avenue to find out more about someone with only relatively minimal information. However, each of these searches is tied to a certain subscription, although these subscriptions are reasonably-priced, but that does mean the price is not as inclusive as some of PeopleFinders’ competitors.


The search can sometimes be a bit picky about the information provided and it may take some experimenting before you are able to find what or who you are looking for. Results might include relatives, though, which may be good if you are trying to find out about a person and/or their family. Some information can be old and outdated but provide a leaping off point to be able to conduct further research with other resources and find out what you want to find out and be able to track a person to their modern details.


PeopleFinders is a good service with a clean website. It is well-known and can provide decent searches with only limited information. It prices itself quite reasonably although this does come at the cost of multiple areas being monetized, and some of the searches being somewhat out-of-date or not as immediately accurate as some other services.


PeopleFinders is also more for personal use than business use. However, it is a good service which does provide often-accurate results and may be good for budget-conscious people who only want a limited section of data on somebody.


Why choose PeopleFinders as your background check site?

  • An established name that provides a great background check service
  • Pricing scheme means you don’t need to spend money to get what you don’t want or need
  • Very much suited towards personal users, who will find this is suited to those who want good-quality, low-cost service

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