OmniPage Standard Review
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Omnipage Standard Review

The Good: Detects language automatically, contains the most accurate character recognition programs reviewed and supports a wide range of applications to export its files too.

The Bad: Nothing. If unhappy, a 30-day warranty is in effect.

The Verdict: Omnipage Standard is the best OCR software of 2018. Boasting an impressive set of features, Omnipage is designed to offer you the best in word recognition capabilities available today.

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What makes Omnipage a great OCR program?

Nuance is an international company with up to thirty-five regional offices that are scattered across the globe. You will find Nuance offices in the UK, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Belgium, Germany, Israel and Hungary and so on. Its sales outside the US are felt in over seventy nations. Nuance Corporate headquarters are in Burlington, Massachusetts as well as Merelbeke in Belgium. It is a corporate leader in software development and OmniPage Standard is just one of its groundbreaking innovations. Being the best OCR software, the Omnipage review was a breeze: The text recognition is simply of a different standard then most other programs.


Non-editable digital data formats and photocopied paper work can slow down workers’ productivity and motivation. When loads of data must be re-typed, in order to be electronically archived, a lot of time and energy is wasted. This could lead to poor company performance and reduced overall profits. Manufactured by Nuance, Omnipage  Standard seeks to unlock non-editable digital information through its high end OCR function. Being the best text recognition software, Omnipage offers the quickest and the most accurate means to convert files into editable formats. It gives the original non-editable document an incredibly attractive, blur-free finish with all colors, images, graphs and columns left intact. Ominipage  is advanced enough to meet bulky business data conversion needs as well as trivial home office uses. 



Omnipage  will help you focus on the core business areas with its multiple features that we have listed below.

  • Advanced word recognition – Omnipage Standard will recognize words on a document or image and convert it to accurate content that can be archived for future use.
  • Excellent document formatting – This software will convert each of your documents in a manner that preserves their originality and looks. It will make them editable without interfering with the original configuration of tables, bullets, graphs, pictures and other symbols.
  • Multi-lingual use – Omnipage  features more than one hundred and twenty languages. It can therefore be bought and utilized anywhere on earth.  Some of the key languages recognized by this OCR program include English, Japanese, Latin, Greek, Korean, Chinese and Cyrillic. It is so versatile that this feature alone could rank it among the best OCR Software of 2018.
  • Recurring conversion jobs – With just one-click, built-in workflows you can make the software run seamlessly and endlessly.
  • Unblock PDF files - Omnipage directs you straight to a special feature called eDiscovery Assistant. This is meant to help you convert only the non-editable part of a document while leaving the editable section intact. In short, it prevents unintentional data loss while the OCR process is being performed.
  • Export edited data to your Amazon Kindle – All you have to do is to make the Omni-page transform your unreadable document into a readable format. Then send it directly to the Amazon Kindle e-book reader in just one simple step.
  • Convert unreadable images/pictures – Photos help us keep valuable memories. With the Omnipage you can transform images from your digital devices, such as cameras,  iPads or Iphones, into a readable format and then export them to your E-book readers and mobiles.
  • Multi- applications support – These include HTML, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, PDF, Corel, and WordPerfect and so on.
  • Microsoft Outlook email - Omnipage  can be used to alter emailed documents, such as scanned copies and PDF files, and let you use the Microsoft Outlook email.


The Omnipage Standard offers a simple, interactive consumer interface. Whether you have used OCR previously or not, Omnipage will not disappoint, as it is great for beginners as well.

Customer Support and Help

Nuance, the product manufacturer, provides unlimited technical support and help via email and phone.

System requirements/specifications

Omnipage can be used by owners of:

MS Windows 7(32-bit or 64-bit editions), Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit editions with Service Pack 2), Windows XP ( 32-bit edition with Service Pack 3).

Note: There are many other system requirements that MS Windows platform users must have. We therefore recommend that you visit our system specifications page.

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