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Nautica Ahoy Review

The Good: Nautica Ahoy is a quality made piece of luggage that is durable and very attractive. It offers a lot of space and very simple interior layout. For its size, it is fairly light.

The Bad: Lack of corner guards and combination lock, and a price that is a bit higher than what you would expect.

The Verdict: Nautica Ahoy is definitely a great suitcase that is large and durable enough to accompany you on your every voyage. It's a quality made product that won't disappoint. However, it comes at a slightly higher price.


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Functional and simple suitcase whose minimalist form makes it incredibly attractive. It has all the features that you need, and none that you don't. The size of Ahoy makes it perfect for international travel, as it fits under all dimensions requirements. The color schemes are simply gorgeous, with the blue one being the absolute favorite.

Exterior design

What makes Nautica Ahoy so different from the competition is its design. It's so simple yet so well thought out concept that really make it stand out. There are no fancy contours or weird shapes on Ahoy, it's a large boxy suitcase whose minimalist design is only disturbed by a large Nautica extruded logo. The body is made from ABS plastic and is quite durable.

There is no glossy finish that could be scratched easily, so you can count on your Ahoy suitcase to look great even after some use. With that said, the lack of corner guards is noticeable and is really something Nautica should have included. The handle seems well made, and the four wheels used to maneuver the Ahoy, glide smoothly and are fairly durable. Color schemes available mostly include orange details, while there is a bright yellow model available as well.

Interior Design

The interior sports a simple layout that divides the suitcase into two compartments. One side features hold-down straps while the other uses a membrane to separate its content. There are two mesh pockets inside where you can store accessories.


  • 100% ABS
  • Durable Hard Body
  • Attractive Design

The conclusion

There's not a lot to say about Nautica Ahoy. It's spacious, sports a very simple and attractive design, and its durable. The only things we can list as cons are the lack of corner guards which could definitely increase the life span of the suitcase, and the lack of a lock that usually comes as standard. With all the great things about the Ahoy, the price seems to be a bit higher than expected for what you get, even though that depends largely on which color scheme you choose.

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