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Make Women Want You Review

The Good:  This guide focuses on teaching the reader, practical skills that are very easy to follow and understand. It simplifies the studying process by clearly showing you what you should say or do at any point in time to increase your stock in front of a woman. Considering all that is included in the package, the guide offers good value for money.

The Bad: Most of the advice contained in the how to make her want you guide will work best on younger women.  This means that the technique will not work well with older men.  The guide also doesn’t talk about other important aspects of dating improvement like approach, time of the day to seek out your women, etc.

The Verdict: This product is a very capable one when it comes to changing your dating life and making you an attractive man. All the steps you need to follow are properly covered. 

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What makes “Make Women Attract You” a great attraction guide?

As is expected of any good dating guide, this one comes with a formula.  The formula is escalation, high value small talk and attraction.   The formula is simplified and made easy to understand for anyone using this guide. With the right application of the formula, you will learn how to talk to women. This is different from other guides which leave the readers who are new to dating development, suffering from information overload because of the overwhelming and convoluted approach taken by the authors.

With this how to attract women guide, the author discusses other important techniques within his 3-step formula. For example, under the high value small talk category, the guide covers few ideas that go deeper than what many people know about high-value small talk.  What is covered in this guide under this topic is more free flowing and less restrictive than what is seen is other guides.  There is no step by step outline showing what to say and in what order to say them but rather the examples show you what you can say in order to demonstrate your attractiveness to any woman of your choice.

One of the advantages of this product is that it offers you a good dose of practical examples that can be implemented five minutes after reading them.  Practicing with these examples will help you develop your own conversational framework as you will be able to understand the principles that make the examples work.

Some of the major topics covered in this guide include the following:

The Inner Game: Here the author focuses on how to approach women by working on your confidence in order to get the girl of your dreams without expending too much energy.

Attraction and conversation: This focuses on how you can move things forward and how you can chat with girls. Under this category, there are lots of real life stories geared towards helping you understand the points shared on how to meet women.

Final thoughts on attracting women- This focuses on helping men understand that there really isn’t any need to use special words or lines to get a woman to desire you. By focusing on building your personality and keeping things real about yourself, you can get your desired woman to relax around you. It is the body language and conversation skills that will determine if she likes you or not.

Other topics include:  How to activate a woman’s emotional trigger to have her chasing you, how to know beforehand how a woman is going to respond to your questions, how to keep women from busting your balls, how women secretly obsess about having sex etc.

This how to make her want you guide comes with several bonus eBooks which touch on very interesting subjects not covered in the main guide. This includes:  Stuck on you, done for your attraction, body language secrets that get the girl and a 14 day free access to the masters of dating inner circle.

Why choose Make Women Want You as your how to attract women guide?

  • Very simple and straightforward guide
  • Good real life examples that can be easily followed
  • Teaches deeper approaches to some common dating development principles
  • Encourages spontaneity
  • Suitable for men hanging out with younger women of this dispensation

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