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Legacy Family Tree Review

The Good: Extremely attractive interface when creating family trees and other such records. Supports enormous databases allowing you to create records that number as many people as you need to.

The Bad: Although very accessible to the layman, and experienced user, professionals may find some of its options to be too simple.

The Verdict: Legacy Family Tree can create fantastic presentations for friends and family, and is very usable by both casual users and the more advanced user. An attractive interface make it very satisfying program to use to see your family history evolve on.

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What makes Legacy Family Tree great genealogy software?

Legacy Family Tree is a fantastic piece of family tree software which enables casual or inexperienced users to be able to create fantastic and detailed documents about their family history. It is a fantastically easy to use program that makes it very simple for anybody to find family members. It is a fantastic piece of kit for creating great-looking timelines and ancestral trees that can be shared family and friends with minimum effort.

The focus of Legacy Family Tree is to create a very accessible powerful database of information on your family from your inputs. Extremely powerful source record keeping, and useful citation keeping methods, allow for you to create an advanced without the tedium that can often come with doing this. This is to create an official record of your family history with reliability and honesty. Records can be marked as using primary sources or other sources and as such can be used for checking, presenting factual details, or acknowledging inferior sources letting you or others do deeper research into the areas that are needed at a later time.

The graphical interface of the program allows you to picture the relations and connections between people while you’re building it up. This is very practical, as it will aid in your research to find your ancestors. It allows you to quickly check the connections between two different people or two related people, and this is an extremely satisfying and motivating feature. Life events and family events can also be recorded, including being able to list who attended a given event or function. Notes about individuals and media about individuals such as somebody’s photographs can all be added on an individual’s page, allowing you to create a very detailed and very accurate picture of somebody’s life, and create a very detailed record of somebody’s life and looks.

A very advanced and interesting feature is that it’s Origins Report. As you build of the information about your family and where they came and went, this can create an animated feature showing you the path they talk, the countries they went to, and the cities they lived in, and present this to you in the form of real or Street views or others. It would also build a percentage of what blood you have in you, i.e. what nationalities and ethnic backgrounds you are part of, which can provide some very interesting and surprising results.

Legacy Family Tree is an extremely potent, accessible and one of the most popular genealogy product that is suited to creating some fantastic looking ancestral trees and contains an abundance of unusual but very pleasant features to create the very best looking family records. It is suited to users of all levels, and although perhaps not meant for established professionals, it is by far one of the best available genealogy software that is available. Even with absolutely no experience, using this product can create a very presentable and rewarding history of your family that could be presented in a number of ways and can be extremely educational to both yourself and your family.


Why choose Legacy Family Tree as your genealogy software?

  • Highly presentable and accessible for casual or inexperienced users, but with plenty of incredible features
  • A highly engaging and pleasant graphical interface so you can watch your Family Tree Builder as you add data
  • Unique and very welcome features make this a very pleasant product use and highly recommended

System Requirements

  • Pentium class computer
  • VGA or higher display
  • Windows 8/ Windows 7/ Windows Vista/ Windows XP
  • Windows ME*/ Windows 98*/ Windows NT
  • Windows 2000. (Legacy also runs great on newer Macs with Windows installed under Crossover, BootCamp, Parallels or Fusion. Legacy also runs on Linux machines with a Windows emulator like Crossover, VMWare or Sun's Virtual Box)
  • Runs on both 32bit and 64bit Windows platforms.
  • A Hard Disk with 97.8 megabytes of available space
  • 256 megabytes of RAM minimum
  • A mouse
  • Internet connection recommended
  • IE7 if you want to use the Bing Mapping features

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