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Killer Guides GW2 Guide Review

The Good: The full Monty. The guys at Killer Guides have not only created the best GW2 leveling guide, but also the best PVP and best Gold guide. And on top of that, they sell all 3 combined for a lower price then most guides come separately.

The Bad: It’s tough to find fault at guys this experienced.

The Verdict: Killer Guides has been running the game for years. As the biggest player in the creation of MMORPG guys, they have now also come to Guild Wars 2. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop to get straight back into the game, this is it. 

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What makes Killer Guides the best Guild Wars 2 guide?

The Guild Wars 2 Guides by Killer Guides are massive. They don’t just offer the best and fastest leveling guide, they also offer the best GW2 gold guide to help you finally make really money from the economy and the best GW2 PVP guide to take you game to a new level.

It is the brain work of a collection of professional gamers that have made guides for games such WoW, Diablo and SWTOR. Some of the authors have Gladiator Status in WoW so you are looking to tap from thousands of hours of experience in GW2.  When you get the GW2 Killer Guides, you will be able to unbox a collection which covers leveling, builds, cooking, crafting, PvP, Dungeon, Boss and Gold collection and spending.  Some of the self-acclaimed best guild wars 2 leveling guides on the web can’t hold a candle to this collection. It’s the total stuff!

As the best guild wars 2 guide, you can expect to learn the positives and negatives of each profession you may decide to join in detail. This will help you make a decision on what profession is the best for you.

Obviously no guide will make the decision for you, so what Killer Guides has done is to describe each role in an impeccable manner, allowing just about anyone to quickly figure out what profession they identify with the most and which one you can make the most profit from. Check out their Guild Wars 2 gold guide for more details on this.

This guide will also help you understand how you can use dynamic events participations as a way of quickly advancing in the game more efficiently. The dynamic event is simply this games version of “quests”. Participating in the right ones will help you level up faster while increasing your skills. So instead of being caught in the time wasting web of moving around dynamic events with reckless abandon, the guide will teach you how you can discriminate between dynamic events that are worth participating in and those that are just a waste of your gaming hours.

Many newbies will probably learn what quests to take on via the trial and error process but the amount of time it will take you is definitely not worth it and many gamers will give up halfway. As one of the best guild wars 2 guides, this gives you all the correct information you will ever need to make sure that your guild wars learning curve isn’t as steep as what many newbies face.

This guide contains a good collection of maps that can make it easy for you to navigate your way around the GW2 terrain.  If you are serious about finding your way around fairly quickly, these maps are very much indispensable.  Many beginners are lost trying to find their way around the game, thereby losing valuable time that should have been spent on other results yielding activities. Using this guide guarantees that you will have all the geography information you will ever need to level up in this game efficiently.

Leveling up in this game is a lot more complicated than what is obtainable in the other MMORPGs.  Therefore, people who are used to figuring out the best strategies in other games on their own may struggle with coming up with good leveling strategies in GW2. One of the main reasons for this is that what you need to do to advance in this game is based on the profession you took on. An armorsmith and a Mesmer will have different leveling objectives. Using this guide, you will get to learn valuable leveling strategies for each of the professions removing the need to stumble around in a bid to figure out what you have to do to advance.  This is truly the best guild wars 2 leveling guide you can ever use. 

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