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High Status Humor Review

The Good: This guide on how to make her want you is very down to earth in the way it discusses the use of humor as a weapon. It can quickly change anyone from a bore to a very fun person to be with, in a few weeks. Almost anyone can learn how to talk to women with this guide. The guide comes in clear and easy to follow modules.

The Bad: Some of the techniques discussed are old well known comedy techniques.  Following the modules is easy but the actual content is more complicated than it should be. One could argue if every woman likes a funny man?

The Verdict: Although the content of the guide could have been better presented, the guide is simple to follow and will be appreciated by anyone who understands the importance of humor in maintaining conversations with women. A fun and easy guide that will definitely teach you a thing or two.

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What makes High Status Humor great to learn how to attract women?

High Status Humor comes in a video format and the course can be completed in 3 months (12 weeks).  It shows you all you need to know about how to meet women of your dreams and how to make her want you using witty humor.  You can also choose to get the guide in the audio format.  The course video is a recording of seminars showing the author discussing each of the topics covered. Question and answer sessions are adequately covered as well.  

There are also videos showing real life depictions of the topics discussed in this guide.  For the price of this guide, this is decent value for money. You will only get to pay a fraction of the amount paid by the individuals that attended these seminars originally.  The videos are high quality, crystal clear and easy to go along with. The failure to include summaries may prove a problem though but you can have a jotter handy to make notes of important points.

This how to attract women guide points out the differences between being a clown and being funny.   The major difference is in the quality of the jokes. If the jokes come off wrongly, you have succeeded in making a fool of yourself and maybe worse.  You only need to take a look at the name of this guide to understand what it is all about. It is not just called ‘humor’ but ‘high status humor’.  This means that the program will be fully focused on teaching how to be funny to get your lady. Obviously, there is more to securing the heart of your ideal woman but if you are able to learn how to talk to a woman and strike the interaction; you have done a good bulk of the job.

Using High Status Humor you will learn a lot.  Some of the things you will learn include:

  • How to approach women
  • How to dig into your creative part to release an abundance of well-placed and funny observations
  • How you can let go of your uptight self to transform into a very funny chick magnet that naturally makes women laugh long and hard.
  • Simple tips that will help you to be funny in virtually all social encounters you find yourself
  • The best ways to deliver your jokes and punch lines to spark strong attractions towards you by the lady and her peers.
  • Etc.

Some of topics have small PDFs attached to them which you can read.  After the 12 weeks which the guide runs for has elapsed, you will definitely see positive results. This is as long as you do not read it passively but rather, spend time to practice what is covered in the book. It is about being proactive and practicing for as long as you can.

Why choose High Status Humor as your attract women guide?

  • No tiring and unrealistic concepts to follow
  • Straightforward and easy to follow tips and examples
  • You get your ideal woman and also improve your social level
  • Decently priced

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