HGTV Ultimate Home Design Review
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HGTV Ultimate Home Design Review

The Good: Easy to use and ideal for novice home designers. It is also easy to install and comes with all essential features including an extensive object library.

The Bad: Lacks fireplace designer. Customer help and support is incompetent..

The Verdict: HGTV Ultimate Home Design is a great product with powerful tools and features.  It has been specially designed to meet the requirements of novice designers without prior design experience.

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What makes HGTV good home design software?

HGTV Ultimate Home Design is simple and easy to use and offers you plenty of design and construction features. This versatile and powerful 3D house design software is best for home redesigning. With this software, you can remodel your deck, bathroom and kitchen in a better way.

HGTV consists of several useful tools and design wizards including deck, kitchen and bathroom designers. These tools help you add a personal touch to your plan. Moreover, this software offers countless sample floor plans so that you can get started with the software smoothly. As soon as you open a sample plan, this software allows you to edit the existing furniture, flooring, materials and paint as per your taste and requirements.

HGTV allows you to upload images of the interior of your house so that you can carry out a virtual makeover of your living space. When you upload the image of your room, you can alter the paint, countertops, flooring and set up doors and windows to the interior. By importing your 2D images, you can visualize the appearance of your interior quickly.

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, HGTV software is the ideal tool for you. This software comes with a great object library featuring a wide list of cabinets, sinks and showers to beautify your house. However, the only drawback is that this house design software lacks a roofing and fireplace wizard. The object library also features an extensive list of plants, trees and flowers for beautifying your landscape. It has more than 7,500 samples of virtual shrubs, flowers, trees. Moreover, there is an accessory library too foe decorating your outdoor living space. The accessory library features an extensive list of waterfalls, fountains, barbeques and lot more. HGTV is one of those home design applications that offer the largest object libraries.

It is important to estimate a budget before initiating a home remodelling project. This 3D home design software consists of a cost estimator that helps you decide your budget for the home remodelling project.  The cost estimator assists you in keeping track of each and every material that you would need for your house remodelling project.

HGTV helps you design your home and preview the same so that you can make necessary changes to the interior as well as exterior parts of your home. It also enables you to add curb appeal to your landscape by adding plants, flowers, trees as well as fencing, gates pathways, sidewalks, outdoor furniture pieces and other accessories. With the Deck Builder Wizard of this software, you can design an ideal patio area of any shape, size and material. Moreover, you can also enjoy a virtual walkthrough over your designed space in 3D graphics. This software provides you with a photorealistic view of your designs.

This software also offers help and support facilities for its customers. The manufacturer’s website has a short FAQ section along with email support facility. You can utilize these facilities in case you encounter any problem while running the software or while designing your floor plan. The manufacturer of this software also offers an option for telephone support but being a paid service, you have to pay a fee to utilize the same.


Why choose HGTV as your home design program?

  • User-friendly and easy to install.
  • Enables you to undertake home redesigning projects without any trouble.
  • Packed with powerful features.
  • Has the largest object library compared to other applications reviewed by us.
  • Ideal for beginners as you do not need prior design experience to use this software. All you need to do is simply point and click.
  • Perfect for home redesigning projects.
  • Allows you to design and plan the perfect landscape.
  • You can make your house energy efficient by choosing appropriate eco-friendly appliances and products from the directory of eco-friendly products offered by this application.
  • Enables you to design the home of your dreams from scratch.
  • Provides a photorealistic view of your home.

Read below for the features, specifications and system requirements:



  • Advanced  design tools offers you millions of creative options for building everything as well as for placing doors, windows, lighting, cabinets, roof placement, electrical outlets and much more.
  • You can choose from several furnishings, lighting, 3D appliances, countertops and much more to design a completely customized look.
  • Wizard-driven interface allows you to design your home plan easily just by using the drag and drop facility in three simple steps.
  • Video tutorials provide you with tips to get started with the software.
  • You also get a huge resource for learning about eco-friendly designs and home solutions that are energy-efficient.


Manufacturer: Nova Development

Price: $79.99

Operating System: Windows

Package type: Retail

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista 7 or 8
  • 1 GB RAM
  • DVD Drive
  • Color monitor with 1024 x 768 display or higher
  • Internet connection required for Internet features (such as home plan templates)

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