Guild Wars 2 Secrets Review
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Guild Wars 2 Secrets Review

The Good: Buying the guide gives you instant access to the tutorials and guides without any waste of time.  The organization of the guide makes it very easy for just about anyone to easily navigate through the tutorials without getting lost in a sea of information. The tutorial is based online and can be accessed using any browser irrespective of your operating system. As expected of this great GW2 guide, it is filled with lots screenshots and videos leaving nothing uncovered.

The Bad: Some people may find the online only style of the guide to be a disadvantage.

The Verdict: There is no doubt that this guide deserves its place as the #2 Guild Wars 2 leveling guide in our comparison.

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What makes Guild Wars 2 Secrets a great guide?

Guild Wars 2 Secrets came in as second best GW2 level guide in our review.

Have you ever wondered how the best GW2 players made it to the top and became respected? Well there are basically two sides to their domination story.  Some of them played the guide for months to arrive at their level while others used the best GW2 leveling guide to hit that desired thing to do. The first option looks like the common course to take but there is a high chance that you will dump the Guild Wars 2 game after a few weeks.  Using the best guild war game guide will ensure you don’t have to experience the frustration and discontentment that comes from not knowing what you are supposed to be doing at every scene.   Brad Johnson understands the frustration and so he has put in an immense amount of work in ensuring that you don’t find GW2 as frustrating as he found it in his early days.

In purchasing this guide, you have access to one of the most complete Guild Wars 2 gold guide on the web today. The components of the guide include:  The complete power leveling guide (features comprehensive step-by-step power leveling and the optimal quest guide), the gold gatherer bible (features the GW2 economic course, trading post strategies and monster drop guides) and the complete profession guide (features the guardian guide, warrior guide, engineer guide, thief guide, ranger guide, elementalist guide, mesmer guide, necromancer guide, skill mastery and weapon selection and explorable mode dungeons).

The power-leveling angle of this guide is treated in a step-by-step manner.  It shows virtually anyone how to get to their level cap in lightning fast time. You will get to learn how you can unlock virtually every single skill in the game while holding items way beyond the requirement of the level. You will get to learn the quests that will deliver the most XP, loot, shortest recovery time, not forgetting how you can complete the level very fast. Game guides get easily outdated but with this game guide, you won’t ever have to worry about buying information that is not up-to-date.

Although it is entirely based online, the learning interface of this Guild Wars 2 level guide is very intuitive when compared with some of the others we came across in our review and so you can easily comeback to where you left off after closing the browser without any difficulties. The language deployed is very easy and conversational and so the articles can be understood by virtually all categories of gamers. The well-crafted videos are also aimed at driving home the author’s points in places where necessary.

Therefore, if you are tired of leveling up slowly, risking your account by using cheats and hacks, wasting money on inferior or even fake guides, this is your chance to break free and become the popular gosu that everyone will want to have on their team!

The author is very helpful and once in the members’ area, you can get answers to virtually any questions you may have.

Why choose Guild Wars 2 Secrets as your GW2 guide?

  • Detailed all-in-one guide
  • Up to date information
  • The modules do have any filler
  • You don’t have to use any hacks or cheats
  • Works perfectly irrespective of your chosen class
  • Mastery of Guild Wars 2 in weeks


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