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Guild Wars 2 Leveling Review

The Good: As one of the best Guild Wars 2 pvp guide, it is very easy to use and straightforwardly written.  There is very good support from the author and you can be regular updates from time to time. The tips shared have been proven to be very effective. There is a 60 day money back guarantee meaning that you have virtually nothing to lose.

The Bad:  At the price, a holistic guide that covers every part of the guild wars sphere will offer better value. The best Guild Wars 2 gold guide by Killer Guides has this for instance. Some of the tips shared can be easily found with a little search on the web.

The Verdict: If you are more concerned about leveling out in record time than understand the nitty-gritty of Guild Wars 2 , this is the right guide for you. 

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What makes Guild Wars 2 Leveling a good Guide?

Guild Wars 2 Leveling came in as third best GW2 guide in our comparison.

With this guide and a little practice, you are guaranteed to smash your way through the highest level in this game in less than a couple of weeks. While another great GW2 level guide covered the entire guild wars sphere, this one focuses specifically on just leveling. So people looking for how to move from level 1 to 80 in record time can enjoy the straight forward learning curve without having to skim through pages of texts or videos that they do not need.  To people looking for a holistic approach to learning the game of course, this will be a problem.

This guide is regularly updated and so you will never be worried about quests that do not work or paths that don’t exist etc. You will be shows the exact things you need to do to complete a given level and how you can build your leveling speeds to the fastest leveling speeds possible. Using the guide, you will always level at the optimum speed.

When you purchase this guide, you will get the complete level 1-80 guides for all professions in GW2 covering: guardians, warriors, engineers, rangers, thieves, elementalists, mesmers and necromancers.

As one of the best guild wars guide out there, it doesn’t contain any hacks or cheats so you are not at risk of losing your account by using the tips it teaches.  The guide is heavy as it features over 200 pages made of well-researched tips on quests and leveling routes.  All of these complemented with a good number of screenshots. In comparison to the best Guild Wars 2 level guide we reviewed, this guide lacks on the video front but the screenshots should do the job for you easily.

When you purchase this guide, you will enjoy clear instructions that will make it easy for you to not just kill faster, but also complete your difficult quests in record time. It also shows you some of the most secret locations where you can easily gain experience and loot. With the numerous screen shots, you will be able to know where you are supposed to at in every given opportunity.  This guide is far from a membership site so you won’t have to worry about paying monthly fees to keep enjoying the tips and regular updates. Updates are added to the guide with every expansion added to the game by Arenanet.  If for any reason you are not happy with the guide, you can always trigger the 60 day money back guarantee clause.

The language used in the development of this guide is uncluttered as should be expected from a great GW2 leveling guide. Just about anyone can understand it.  In fact, using this guide is so easy that an average newbie will be well on his way in using it within the first 3 hours of reading the guide.

While it doesn’t teach you what profession is best for you as seen in the best Guild Wars 2 level guide, it is definitely very good at telling you how you can blast your way through any profession and smash your opponents in PvP as well.

Why choose this guide as your GW2 level guide?

  • Straight forward language
  • Focused on Guild Wars 2 power leveling alone
  • Covers leveling tips for all professions
  • Contains a few tips that cannot be found anywhere else on the web
  • Colorful screen shots and illustrations
  • Shows how to get the best gear
  • Shows where to get the biggest loot
  • Life time access to regular updates for customers


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