Guild Wars 2 Domination Review
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Guild Wars 2 Domination Review

The Good: The guide was written by expert gamers that have another popular SWTOR guide in the market so they know what customers like you need. A step-by-step leveling guide is provided, covering every area and quest showing you the fastest route to achieving your gaming goals. The guide teaches you how to master PvP mode and the different races are properly dealt with as seen in the best GW2 leveling guide on our list.

The Bad: Some of the tips contained in the guide can be found all over the web. The articles are a little tedious and they could have done more with the videos.

The Verdict: The guide doesn’t have the right video/article balance in comparison with our top guide but it still does a decent job. It is suitable for everyone irrespective of goals in seeking for a guide. 

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What makes GW2 Domination a good leveling guide?

Guild Wars 2 Domination ended as fourth Guild Wars 2 leveling guide on our list.

The guide does a decent job in trying to cover everything in GW2 even though it misses a trick or two.  One of the most appealing features of this guide is its in-depth build guides, its descriptive farming routes, its cooking guide and its crafting recipe. Its leveling guides measures up with the best GW2 leveling guide of our review.  

With the leveling part of this guide, you will get detailed instructions and map showing you what you need to do, where to go and how you can level pretty quickly.  All of the best GW2 leveling guides we reviewed took time to thoroughly deal with leveling and this one doesn’t disappoint in this area.  Unboxing this Guild Wars 2 guide, you will be looking at a whole lot of information that will be very useful to just about any category of GW2 gamers.

As a great GW2 leveling guide, it offers you a complete guide to the game covering all areas of the game that you will need to know from beginning till the end of the game. So regardless of whether you are focused on seeing the end of the content from start to finish or whether you are focused on mastering PvP and getting the best items, this guide will help you achieve it.

The guide will equally teach you how you can master professions, crafting and the trading post, making it easy for you to gather the best items that will help you increase your gold stack quickly.  There is also a full guide that shows you the 5 different playable races and also helps you decide which one will suit your style of play. Its combat system full guide will help you learn how to become a master in PvP. However it is a little thing on this front when compared with the top Guild Wars 2 gold guide by Killer Guides. With its dynamic events guide, players will be able to stay in thick of the action in the game while getting the very best rewards.

The trading post guide will help you learn how you can use the Auction House from the start so that you will always be kitted in the best possible gear, having the best weapons and the best items in the game.  The video section of the guide isn’t as loaded as some of the best GW2 leveling guides we came across but it is fairly decent.

There is a complete video guide for leveling with all professions in the game from start to finish, there is a complete video crafting guide geared towards showing you how exactly things are done so you can follow, a video guide to PvP  and a trading post video.

Why choose GW2 Domination as your Guild Wars 2 guide?

  • All-in-one guide
  • Covers all professions
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Covers all major areas where guides are needed
  • Suitable for all level of GW2 gamers

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