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Google Voice Search Review

The Good: It is totally free to use. It can be used at any time as long as you are online. Unlike some of the best voice recognition software, this one talks back with answers to straightforward questions.

The Bad: The product is one dimensional. Apart from giving answers to queries and getting directions with Google maps, nothing else can be achieved with the software. The talk back feature is cool on the surface but may not be ideal for use in some public locations. Lack of support may be a problem for some people as well.

The Verdict: If you are looking for hands-free approach to casual searching or confirming your spellings, this is a decent solution.

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What makes Google Voice Search an amazing piece of software?

Google is now part and parcel of our everyday lives.  If you are exposed to the internet, it is virtually impossible to go a whole day without having to quickly search for something on Google. Having to type out these searches every time is not stressful of course but a little more “spoiling” can’t be turned down surely. Therefore, many people are beginning to simply hit the microphone symbol on the Google search bar instead of having to type “What is the name of the German Chancellor”.

The answer to the above question will be read back to you immediately telling her full name, date of birth etc. with a picture of the Chancellor displayed on your screen. Apart from answering questions on personalities or you can also use the Google Voice Search to find interesting places around you. For instance speaking “what is the best restaurant in town” into your microphone will bring up Google Maps showing you the answer.  These features make using the Google Search bar a lot easier than it is already.

Apart from the search function, you can’t carry out any other voice recognition function with this software unlike our best voice to text software. There are no commands to master as all you need to do is to ask the question after clicking the microphone icon.  This of course explains why it can’t be used in the same manner as some of our best speech recognition software we covered.

The dictation process is straightforward as the software recognizes virtually all accents and major languages used on it.

Regarding accuracy, the software is virtually 100% accurate at understanding queries. It rivals some of the top products we looked at in our review of the best voice recognition software in 2018 in terms of understanding diction from virtually all regions of the globe. Providing the right answer to the query however, doesn’t happen always.  On a few occasions you will get less than ideal answers prompting a second search.

Using the software is as easy as tapping a microphone and speaking to your computer, nothing to learn and no configurations necessary.

Google doesn’t offer special support for this software so if you have questions, you will have to make do with the answers provided on the voice search page. You will rarely have need for customer service though!

Why choose Google Voice Search as your speech recognition software?

  • Very easy
  • Requires no installtion
  • Free to use
  • Makes Google search very easy and straight forward
  • Provides an easy way of using Google maps

System Requirements

  • Google Chrome installed
  • Inbuilt microphone and speakers

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