Gold Wars 2 Review
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Gold Wars 2 Review

The Good: The service is now free.  The analysis can be done by virtually anyone as the steps to follow are well detailed and straightforward.  The site features an item list, a saved searches mechanism, ability to copy to clipboard, ability to track you investments and ability to export your search results to a spreadsheet. There is adequate mobile support as well.

The Bad: This is not a Guild Wars 2 guide and so you are only getting help on how to find your way around the trading post. The desktop version of the website lags in comparison to its mobile version. The knowledge base is scant.

The Verdict: If you are looking for a complete guide, look to our top GW2 leveling guide. This is a guide for the trading post.

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What makes Gold Wars 2 a decent guide?

Gold Wars 2 ended as worst GW2 leveling guide of our comparison.

This is a service that helps you with an investing tool that aids gamers in figuring out the best deals on the trading posts in just a few seconds. Using this tool, you will be able to watch over 20 thousands get updated in just a few seconds allowing you make a better decision on how to spend the gold you have amassed in your gaming.  Using this service only takes 3 simple steps as long as you already have an account. The first step is to wait for the items to get updated it only takes a few seconds.  The second step is to search for specific items using the form provided and the third step is to view results showing matches to the item and the flipping potential they have.

Using Gold Wars 2, you get to enjoy a few interesting features.  There is the item list, the saved searches list, the ability to copy items to clipboard, ability to track your investments, ability to keep an eye on the service while out and about on your mobile and the ability to export data to any spreadsheet of your choice.  The integrated calculator comes in handy if you feel like making a quick calculation and the recommendations saves you time you would have otherwise spent looking for new deals.

The service is completely legal is it adheres strictly to Arenanet’s T&C.  They only offer you viewer status into the trading post. You can’t buy anything through the service and so there is no need to worry about the safety of your account.

It is also not possible for you to get banned using this service as the game manufacturers do not have any way of knowing what you are up to on the site. This is not as a result of Gold Wars 2’s ingenuity but rather as a result of the fact ArenaNet doesn’t have any reason to keep an eye on your activities here.  The service is entirely secure as well so there is no need for you to worry about your data getting compromised.

However, although the website does a good job by solving the analytical problem for GW2 enthusiasts, we feel that the administrators can do a better job at it. Firstly, the website looks hurriedly assembled for a service that has been around for a while. Secondly, there is very little in the way of customer service. Granted, it is a free service but we feel that a little more could have been done to help newbies understand the service and find their way around with ease. People who need the best GW2 leveling guide, can always get it from our top rated guides but even a few leveling tips won’t have gone amiss. If a site is telling you how to use your gold, it should tell you how to get the gold surely?

Why choose Gold Wars 2 as your GW2 guide

  • Free to use
  • Over 20K items updated in seconds
  • Save items to custom lists.

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