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eVerify Review

The Good: The background investigation provided by eVerify comes with a huge range of information from many sources. It is a very confidential and secure service with an extensive range of different information.

The Bad: The sheer range and depth of information may give people some privacy worries or concerns.

The Verdict: Very robust and useful, with detailed returns and quality searches. eVerify is worthy of any top 3 nomination for the best and most advanced background check service of 2018. 

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What makes eVerify a great background check service?

eVerify is a great and advanced background checks service for finding out what you want or need to know about somebody based on publically available government information as well as privately listed information. Like all other services in these reviews, it is totally legal, and is completely confidential and secure, meaning you can be confident of keep your privacy and acting on any concerns or interests without worrying about the person finding out.


The major available areas of searching are background, a criminal record check, a people/person search, and a search of social media or networks. The check covers an expanse of things, such as birth and death records, court records, marriage and divorce records, property ownership and available information about someone’s assets. The criminal record check, a heavily-used feature for many people, is extensive enough to show court and probation records and even mug shots, if somebody has them.


The people search of this advanced background check service, is fantastic for looking up and getting caught up with old acquaintances, family, and friends. This can be done through e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and addresses, or these can be found and displayed if you don’t already know them. Using these to be able to search the ownership of these particulars can give you great information, such as who lives at a certain property, or perhaps being able to get into contact with somebody you only have limited details about. An in-depth scanner of the Internet allows photos, interests, attributed postings or blogs or similar or videos of a person to be identified and showed, giving you a chance to find out about a person’s hobbies and lifestyle.


Name searches are available, allowing you to look up somebody by their name, or you could find someone’s name using their personal information. Reverse searches include addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, all of which can be used to identify somebody’s details.


The advanced background check service by eVerify provides a robust and detailed check on anyone who you may know, and allows you to conduct one on people you don’t, even with only very limited information. It can fill in many gaps as well as provide important information as to a person’s history and their character, and can give you information or piece of mind that enable to you be informed and knowledgeable.


Why choose eVerify as your background check site?

  • Many sources are used to provide a huge range of information
  • Very confidential and very secure
  • Good-quality reverse search of various information


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