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ESO Mastery Guides Review

The Good: A wide offering of ESO guides tailored to your specific wishes. Whether you are looking for an ESO leveling guide specialised to your alliance, a Gold Guide, Crafting Guide of Character Build Guide, These guys have them all.

The Bad: Only available in English. Although these guides have created a set of amazing guides, it's obvious that they have a tough time competiting with the game changing Zygor ESO guide.

The Verdict: Your one-stop solution to best written ESO leveling guides out there. If you prefer written guides over an in-game application, look no further. 

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What makes ESO Mastery Guides great ESO Leveling Guides?

Dedication and experience. It’s a simple formula to becoming really good at what you do. And it’s the formula the guys behind ESO Mastery Guides have followed. As we speak, their Crafting Guides, Character Build Guides and Leveling guides are already the most popular out there and growing in admiration from fans everywhere.

Whether you are interested in a dedicated ESO leveling guide to your specific alliance, a crafting guide teaching you the perfect way to use your resources, a character build guide explaining you the best possible class-race-armour-weapon combination for your playing-style, this is it. The guys at ESO Mastery Guides have a created an online community where you cannot only find this and more, you can also access (for free) their forums to explore those tough-to-find secrets with other players. 

And even outside of their payed ESO guides, the guys at ESO Mastery offer a ton of valuable content completely for free. Game info on all playable classes, info on the different factions, the races and their history, and the skill lines for weapons, armours, guilds, alliances and more. 

As a short summary of the ESO guides offered by ESO Mastery:

  • ESO Leveling Guides - Step-by-step guides for each specific alliances that will take you from level 1 to 50 in a rough 4 days of playing time while not skipping any of the important loot along the way.
  • ESO Crafting Guide - A step-by-step guide to become the master of any profession, including detailed maps and routes through the lands of Tamriel to the most rich material gathering spots. 
  • ESO Character Build Guide - A guide explaining the best builds, whether your interested in Healing, Tanking or DPS (which each class). On top of that, the guide offers an in-depth look into the different builds to own at PvP. 
  • ESO Gold Making Guide - A guide full of advanced gold making strategies for buying and selling of materials and lout, and how to maximise your profits from your crafting profession.


All in all, a great amount of comprehensive ESO strategy guides that will help you become a player to be reckoned with in no time. Look to our complete comparison of the ESO leveling guides to find out whether you want to go for the Mastery, Zygor or Killerguides. 

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