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Date Younger Women Review

The Good:  This product on how to make her want you is decently priced and comes with some interesting perks. The content is straightforward and easy to understand for anyone. Some of the most important dating improvement tips are properly covered too. 60 day money back guarantee.

The Bad: Although insightful and arguably one of the best in its niche, keep in mind that this is a focused guide aimed to attract younger women. For those of you looking to attract women of other ages, there could be better options out there.

The Verdict:  Although this guide suits people who are looking for short term relationships with younger, hotter women, you can find a life partner using the tips. The 60-Day money back guarantee means you do not have anything to lose. 

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What makes Date Younger Women Guide great to learn women attraction?

Most hetero men like pretty much all types of women as long as they are good looking but genetically men are wired to appreciate younger women more. Interestingly, this  how to attract women guide shows that 25% of women equally prefer to be with older men and another 25% wouldn’t mind if the man was much older or not even though it is not their main preference. This shows that half the number of younger women you see each day will gladly fall into your arms if you play your cards right.

The Date Younger Women’s guide on how to make women want you shows you how you can press home this statistical advantage.  You don’t need to look or act fatherly to the younger woman or remind her of her dad’s friends as many people erroneously think. In many cases, acting like her father will chase the younger girl far away from you after the first few dates.  This on the other hand doesn’t mean you should go out of your way to act like a teenager either. This guide helps you to strike the perfect balance and learn how to talk to women way below your age bracket.

One important advantage of this guide is that it will offer you tips on how to meet women on online dating platforms. The author’s recommendations for the best online dating sites to get ideal younger women are far from the usual.  The general idea is that you will have to look long and hard to get results on the more popular sites but the lesser known sites will offer you dozens of younger women to choose from, all of which are genuinely excited at the thoughts of dating an older and more experienced man.

 The how to attract women guide doesn’t just talk about younger women, instead it talks about how you can attract and delight these younger women and also delight yourself by being the kind of man they will respect, desire and love. You don’t have to worry about actions that will get you disrespected as you learn how to approach women with this guide. The author understands the folly in acting or dressing like someone who is way younger than you.

Do you know what replies to give when comments about age difference arises?

Do you know how to press home the age difference advantage?

Do you know the right way to date and delight younger women?

Do you know how to confidently communicate with women?

Are you aware of the qualities younger women find attractive in older women?

If you can’t categorically answer yes to the above questions, you need this guide even more than you can imagine.

The topics covered in this guide include:

  • Communication skills (how to be in control of the conversations and staying confident)
  • Social attraction skills that will make it easy for you to get any woman interested in you
  • How you can create an online profile that will easily attract younger women
  • Tips on how to improve your online communication with women
  • Tips that will help you appear irresistible to any woman
  • How to avoid common mistakes made by men when approaching younger women


When your purchase is confirmed you will get 7 eBooks to download. These ebooks include communications wizadry, cutting through the small talk, becoming the irresistible experienced man, 21 confident conversation tactics, creating a magnetic profile online, the 10 biggest mistakes men make with women and magnetic attractions skill workbook.

Why choose Date Younger Women as your attraction guide?

  • Easy to understand
  • Covers a wide range of topics
  • Deals comprehensively with online dating
  • Guide comes in readable format

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