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BSR Screen Recorder Review

The Good: The software offers loads of useful features to improve your video recording experience. The end product is professional and most game recording experts will enjoy the zoom in and out feature. This feature can be easily controlled by your mouse pad. Video files can be saved in SWF, EXE, AVI and WMV formats.

The Bad: The software is very limited in output options and so it is well below our top best game recorder.  It packs a lot of features but some of these are buried in deep menus and may never be found by novice game recorders.  The best game recorders are not as hard to configure.  Recorded video files cannot exceed 1.9GB else a new recording begins automatically.

The Verdict: The software does a decent job in game recording and this is why it is on our list of best game recording software. However, a lot can be improved on. 

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What makes BSR Screen Recorder good for game recording?

With BSR Screen Recorder, you can record your gaming and indeed anything else you can find on your screen including pictures and sounds.  You can record your entire desktop, any window on your screen or any part of your screen.  The software not only serves as a good game recording software but also as a good business solution that allows you prepare tutorials and presentations with relative ease. The software offers photo and video editing as well offering an all-inclusive solution.  You recorded gaming videos can be saved to AVI, EXE, WMV and Flash. The software also offers 2D and 3D Zooming while recording.

The WatchIt mode offered by the software means that users can efficiently record videos while streaming.  Using this feature, you do not need to worry about freezing streams as the software is able to pause during those buffering lags and pauses and continues recording when the stream is restored. This feature is missing in some of the best game capture software.

With the auto pan recording feature you can tell the software where to record or zoom into the area by simply moving your cursor to the said area.  The software’s ability to record in-game audio is very good as every sound coming through your speaker gets recorded internally as audio background. You can also get the software to use audio from other sources instead. All keystroke sounds and mouse click sounds can be recorded as well.

Using this software you can select Xvid, DivX and any other codecs you may have on your computer for recording. The quality, key frame rates can be changed by the user easily. 

The zooming feature in this software is as good as the very best in the game recording software industry. You can zoom into any portion of the screen while recording and it supports the ability to move between 2D and 3D zooming seamlessly while you record. With its Dynamic 3D zooming ability, the camera angle changes in line with the location of the mouse pointer.

The software allows you to record simultaneously from as many as 5 monitors at once.  At the end of the recording, you to specify the file name format you want to see on the saved file. You can also specify preset regions easily.  While recording, you can draw on the screen using the mouse. The drawing can be completed in different colors.  If needed, you can add timestamp in your recording. The time and date displayed in the video will be in sync with what you have on our desktop. You can also record watermarks that can be placed at any part of the video you wish. The transparency of the watermark can be determined by you. The hotkeys for important actions like Zoom, Pan, Capture, Record, Pause etc. can all be reordered by the user.  You can set record and stop times ahead of schedule as well. 

There is built-in tool that shows users how to complete a recording and the configuration wizard also does its bit in helping to configure the software for use. The problem however is that these tools only scratch the surface in teaching users how to get the best out of this software. You have to figure out most controls and menus on your own as the interface isn’t as intuitive as our top rated best game recorder.  The software also does not have any mechanism in place to prevent blur or color fades common with gaming.

Therefore, even though the software offers decent game recording abilities and merits its place on our list of best game recording software, it is by far not the best option for any serious and regular game recorder as it pales in comparison to the best game recorder in our reviews.

Why should BSR Screen Recorder be your game recording software?

  • Able to record all on-screen activities
  • Comes with 2D and 3D zooming
  • Records both internal and external audio
  • Features a video editing suite

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / XP / Me / NT / 2000 / 2003 (including both 32 bit and 64 bit versions)
  • CPU: Pentium processor minimum 
  • Memory: 512 MB minimum
  • Free Hard Drive Space: 20 MB for installing

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