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Aviosoft CloneDVD Review

The Good: A robust, user-friendly, highly developed and intuitive DVD ripper. Available at an affordable price and can be used by almost anyone without the least bit of trouble.

The Bad: Although very good, the process is not as stable and fast as that of DVD Cloner 2018.

The Verdict: With a consistent high quality, the burning procedure is always smooth and easy. Aviosoft Clone DVD is a great DVD burning application containing all the essential features and functionalities. On top of these, it are the advanced features of Aviosoft CloneDVD make it stand out among the other similar DVD burners available in the market. 

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What makes Aviosoft CloneDVD great DVD burning software?

Aviosoft CloneDVD is highly professional DVD burn software that provides value-for-money. This DVD burning software works flawlessly and consists of all essential features that are required by professional users. Being a user-friendly application, it has emerged as the favourite DVD burner of novice users too. Aviosoft CloneDVD consists of the most powerful instructional materials. This application follows a 3-step cloning process that helps you convert DVDs to several formats including MP4 and AVI. The DVDs created by this DVD ripper are compatible with your computer as well as all handheld devices such as iPads, iPods, tablets, smart phones, MP3 players, etc.

Aviosoft CloneDVD is also known for its speed as it works swiftly to convert a full-length movie in approximately one hour. The copying speed of Aviosoft is extraordinary; however, you should be cautious while choosing the content that you copy so as to ensure that you obtain high quality output. Since it allows you the alternative to duplicate a DVD-9 movie onto a DVD-5 disc, the picture quality may deteriorate. Therefore, make sure you eliminate all unnecessary audio and other superfluous files in order to derive superior results.

Aviosoft CloneDVD comes with 5 different copy modes that are easy to use and also offer great navigation. The 5 copy modes are:

  1. Complete Disk for duplicating all special features including menus, intros and subtitles.
  2. Main Movie for copying only the movie by eliminating unnecessary menus, sound tracks, intros and subtitles.
  3. Tailored copy for copying your favorite parts of the original video.
  4. Split disc to copy the original DVD into two different discs in case the DVD is too huge to be copied onto a single disc; and
  5. DVD ripping rips your DVD movies including copyright-protected movies into audio files and various other files.


With Aviosoft CloneDVD you can make accurate copies of homemade and commercial DVDs in approximately one hour. This DVD application not only eliminates region codes from commercial DVDs but also allows you to retain and omit superfluous materials. Moreover, you also get to choose and copy the subtitles, menus and additional features of your choice to a new disc. This is indeed an impressive feature as it allows you to customize your DVD. These options can also be disabled by you for saving space and reducing compression so as to improve the quality of the movie.

Besides this, Aviosoft CloneDVD breaks all the encryption contained in commercial DVDs and auto-removes all protections such as RCE, RC, UOPs, CSS, APS, etc. It also helps you archive and back up your complete media library in case the original disc gets damaged or misplaced. If you want to insert personal watermarks in your DVDs, you can do that with Aviosoft CloneDVD. You can also compress all the materials of the DVD to a single disc and also select the specific files that you would like to copy to your new DVD. Last but not the least, Aviosoft CloneDVD comes with online technical support options as well as conversation tools designed for different types of movie files.


Why choose Aviosoft CloneDVD as your DVD burning software?

  • Easy to install.
  • User-friendly advanced multimedia solution.
  • Simple and flexible.
  • Robust and versatile DVD burner that has been designed for novice, experienced as well as professional users.
  • 1 click solution that allows you to backup your DVD in just 1 click.
  • Has all essential features and functionality.
  • Produces flawless copies of DVDs.
  • Supports over ten languages.
  • Outstanding copying speed.
  • Online Technical support.


Specifications and system requirements:

Tools & Utilities

  • Media Conversion tools.
  • Watermarking.
  • Multiple decryption tools.

Video and Audio Effects

  • Converts almost all audio formats into DVDs.
  • Customizes your music DVDs by adding lyrics and images.
  • Adds special effects to your favorite movies.
  • Extracts audio from your video files.


 Editing Features:

  • DVD Burning
  • Adds Subtitles/lyrics/watermark
  • Crops, merges, clips
  • Resets level of brightness, saturation, hue, bitrates, contrast, etc.


System Requirements: 

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98/98SE/ME, Windows NT/2000/2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
  • RAM: 64MB RAM or more.
  • Free Hard Disk: 100MB space for installation.
  • Devices: All DVD-ROM drives except for Matshita, Sony VAIO and HL-DT-ST.



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