Acrobat Standard Review
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Acrobat Standard Review

The Good: In addition to many other functions, Acrobat Standard offers the standard OCR function.

The Bad: It converts the output into an editable PDF file format only. The price.

The Verdict: Although the product offers value for money, it is limited in its functions.

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What makes Acrobat Standard great OCR Software?


This is a very powerful OCR program as we found out. It can be used to achieve many office goals. Other than being used to create searchable files, the Acrobat PDF will allow you to make forms. The forms will have fields that people can fill out electronically. This amazing software, even if featuring old OCR technologies, is a gem. With it you can mix many PDF files and convert them or remove a section of a file and export it into another PDF document.

The Acrobat Standard can also be used as a tool for converting words from image documents into texts. It is multipurpose Optical Character Recognition software that I somehow liked. Despite not having many features as the other products we have reviewed above, the Acrobat Standard is among the products we consider perfect for beginners. Located in the Adobe family of software products, the Acrobat Standard program includes the Flash, PhotoShop, DreamWeaver, InDesign and Illustrator. This tells you that this OCR is multipurpose.

This OCR program can help web designers and those who do animation, desktop publishing, and Adobe tasks.  With all the Adobe Creative Suites incorporated, you can be sure that the Acrobat Standard program can convert your PDF files into any format that can be emailed to clients who may not have read them without being converted first. We got very clean, high quality and professional results with the Acrobat Standard that we believe you can do as well.

It is a tool that can be used to manipulate documents that have complicated layouts and designs. No matter how complicated we thought our files were, the program gave us crisper, more articulate results. There are three types of software versions though. If you are wondering which the best pick is for beginners, we have the answer: the Acrobat Standard. The Pro and Pro Extended versions have more features that might be difficult to understand and use at first. But if there is someone else in our home or office that is more familiar with software applications, there is no reason not to choose the more advanced versions mentioned above. But we have only reviewed the standard version and we can only tell you it is perfect for you.

Acrobat Standard, as we discovered, has a built-in OCR software function that will only accept a document that uses the Sans Serif font like Helvetica or Arial. If your documents have Times New Roman, Palatino or related fonts, you might have to alter them first.  This is because this PDF document converter will not work. Magazine style files containing footers, headers, captions or graphics will give it a problem.  The same case applies when instructed to convert low resolution pictures. All the same, the Acrobat Standard gave us results no matter how vague. It does not back down.

OCR Features

Though it has limited features compared to OmniPage, ReadIris Pro and Wondershare PDF Converter Pro, we found this OCR program very ideal for starters. So far we consider it the best OCR for you if you are not a specialist in programming, graphic design, web design and related tasks. Its relatively powerful features went beyond our expectations. Though they won’t fit in our review scope right now, we believe you will easily adapt to them. But some of the features we cannot overlook or fail to mention include:-

  • Conversions of Images and documents – As aforementioned, the Acrobat Standard is able to convert documents or images into editable and searchable PDF files. We found out that it could retain the image of the original document’s design/layout.
  • Multi-tasking – The Acrobat Standard amazed us with its multi-page document handling. It certainly compares to the likes of OmniPage, ReadIris Pro and Wondershare, by the way.
  • Image clarity- Removing distortions from images when the OCR function is turned on and working.

Note: Because the Acrobat Standard uses the old OCR technologies, there is one thing done by modern OCR software programs it does not do: directly converting a newly converted file format into something else. To do this sort of thing you must copy and paste the converted text into the application you desire. It could be Word Processor, MS Word, MS Excel or any other. This way the Acrobat Standard will preserve the original font of the initial document with a relatively high level of accuracy.


As we have hinted all through this discussion, Acrobat Standard is ideal for beginners and experts. In fact the experts will find it too shallow and simple for their taste. They have other options though, that will jog their minds a little bit: Acrobat Pro and Acrobat Pro Extended.

Customer Support and Help

When you order your Acrobat Standard, you will get a user manual, and access the Frequently Asked Questions and web tutorials. How can I forget the user forum and the dedicated customer service team that will always pick up your call and respond to your emails instantly?  If you get a faulty CD or ruin it, or even lose your product key, the only option to still use this OCR is via the Adobe.

System Requirements

Mac and Windows platforms’ users can get the Acrobat Standard today.

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