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Acer Aspire V7-582PG-9856 Review

The Good: Weighing only 4.85 pounds and being less than an inch thick, means the Aspire V7-582PG is built to impress. On top of that, it has a touchscreen allowing you to make full use of Windows 8.1’s functionality. 

The Bad: All this expensive on-gaming focused tech, means the engineers at Acer had to compromise on other parts: The gaming performance. Even though the graphics card, the GeForce GT 720M, is a popular and well known one, it cannot compete with the other cards in our comparison. 

The Verdict: If you are looking for a great ultrabook that is thin, light, impressive and has a touch screen, then the spire V7-582PG is awesome. Just keep in mind you won’t be playing much of the latest games above low settings. 

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Why is the Aspire V7-582PG part of the best gaming laptops under $800?

The Aspire V7-582PG is an impressive machine. It’s both light and super thin, honouring its title as ultrabook. At the same time it houses enough performance to play a lot of the latest games at low to medium settings. Making the value proposition by Acer a great one. Due keep in mind that the gorgeous tech comes at a price, meaning the machine has less pure gaming performance.


Weighing in a 4.8 pounds in its 15 by 10 by 0.9 inch chassis, makes the Aspire V7-582PG a very sleek and sexy machine. Adding to this joy is the 15.6 medium HD (1366x768) LED-backlit multi-touch screen and claimed 6.5 hours battery life. That is an impressive amount of technology under 800 dollars. And this is exactly what the strong suit and the weakness of the Aspire V7-582PG is. As all this tech comes at a price for Acer, the engineers had less budget to spend on the true heart of the gaming experience: the GPU. 

Don’t get us wrong, having the NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M with 2GB of dedicated DDR3 VRAM does not in any way make this machine unimpressive. According to the independent benchmarks at NotebookCheck, the graphics card is still able to play The Elder Scrolls Online, Titanfall and Call of Duty: Ghosts on medium settings. More intensive games, such as Battlefield 4 and Bioshock Infinite are better played on low settings to avoid falling under the 30 frames per second. 


A technological marvel. The Aspire V7-582PG is the lightest and thinnest in our comparison and the only one with a touchscreen. Honouring the title ‘ultrabook’ the Aspire V7-582PG delivers the technology. At the same time, all this technology comes at a compromise on the gaming front. Where using the popular but rapidly ageing GeForce GT720M will show its drawbacks on many of the soon to be released games.

Technical Specifications

  • Processor / CPU: 1.8 GHz Intel Core i7 4500M
  • Graphics Card / GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M
  • Hard Drive / HD: 500 GB
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1366x768 pixels
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1
  • Weight: 4.8 pounds
  • Number of USB 2.0 Ports: 2
  • Number of USD 3.0 Ports: 1
  • Battery: Lithium ion - 6.5 hours battery life
  • Dimensions: 15.02 x 10.08 x 0.90 inches


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