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3-Second Sexual Attraction Review

The Good: This guide explains how stimulating a range of emotional responses creates far more compelling interactions for women. It also backs up it's assertions by giving you hundreds of real world examples that you can use to get a head start. If you constantly can't figure out what to say or find yourself tongue-tied this book is for you.

The Bad: The author writes in a highly technical style so that you really understand everything on a deep level, this is not to everyones taste and those that prefer a less practical guide will want to look elsewhere. Under the lifestyle and development bracket, some of the advice only applies to the more financially successful.

The Verdict: This is a good product for people who struggle to have exiting and meaningful conversations with women. It offers you tips on how to spike a range of her emotions to really create a serendipitous interaction.

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What does the 3-Second attraction guide do to attract women?

The main focus of this how to attract women guide is on teasing girls and doing your best to dispel that nice guy image. Therefore, if this is your problem, the book will be very useful for you as you try to break past that boundary and learn proper lessons on how to meet women.  However, the guide on how to make her want you emphasizes on exercising caution with the teasing as time goes on. This is especially the case when you begin to tease the women on physical features and appearance.  Fortunately, the guide also enumerates what you should do to counter the negative reactions you are bound to receive from this overboard teasing.

Using of soundbites is the main focus of this guide. The soundbites are generally anything you say to the woman. The main rules are, that they have to offer real value and must be less than 10 seconds in length.  The 10 second idea however, has received mixed reviews from experts in the industry. 

The idea is deemed to not serve any real purpose as the women you will be talking to on a regular basis do not have any mental stopwatches that will let them know you have talked more than 10secs! Even in the video, the author talks beyond 10 seconds in some examples without any repercussions. So although the value rule is important, don’t hit your head against the wall trying to stay under the 10 sec mark.

In the life style development category of this guide on how to make her want you, the author offers quite a lot of good advice but some of these come off as contradictory when mirrored with statements he makes elsewhere. One example is where he points out how money is not going to bring you happiness and how buying more properties will not give you success with women.

 However, he later talks about how you should get an interior décor expert to make your room look cooler, how you should have a personal trainer, how you should lease a car, hire a maid etc. This is as contradictory as it gets.  So although this guide teaches you how to approach women, it won’t do a thorough job in bettering your dating lot. It is still decent guide for men looking to cure the nice guy syndrome but if you are looking for total makeover of your dating game, you need to consider some of our top rated how to attract women guides.


Why choose 3-Second Sexual Attraction as your guide on how to attract women?

  • Revolutionary techniques
  • Decently priced
  • Easy to follow
  • Detailed explanations

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